Most Popular Paid Oculus Quest Apps

One way to look at the most popular apps on the Quest store is to see which are earning the most reviews over a certain period of time. The ranking below shows which games saw the most reviews since our last check.

Rank Name Change in Ratings Price
#1 A Township Tale +739 $10
#2 Beat Saber +621 $30
#3 Sniper Elite VR +605 $30
#4 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners +596 $40
#5 SUPERHOT VR +526 $25
#6 Larcenauts +491 $30
#7 Topgolf with Pro Putt +483 $20
#8 Demeo +433 $30
#9 GORN +404 $20
#10 POPULATION: ONE +397 $30
#11 Walkabout Mini Golf +362 $15
#12 Job Simulator +343 $20
#13 Onward +331 $25
#14 The Room VR: A Dark Matter +301 $30
#15 Eleven Table Tennis +267 $20
#16 The Thrill of the Fight +253 $10
#17 Blaston +242 $10
#18 Creed: Rise to Glory +225 $30
#19 Chess Club +222 $15
#20 ForeVR Bowl +212 $20

Rating change compared to June 2021

  • Among the 20 most popular Quest apps
    • Median number of new ratings: 401 (+29)
    • Average price (mean): $23 (±$0)
    • Most common price (mode): $30 (+$10)
  • Among all paid Quest apps
    • Median number of new ratings: 36 (−4)
    • Average price (mean): $19 (±$0)
    • Most common price (mode): $20 (±$0)

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    When will I get Skyrim?

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      When you purchase in steam sale.

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    Uuhhhh more like… One of the most boring ones IMHO.

    You know that board games are niche ones?

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