The prospect of owning a VR headset is even more affordable this holiday shopping season as VR is getting some sizable discounts to come along with it. We’re keeping tabs on the best Samsung Odyssey Cyber Monday 2017 deals now that Black Friday has come and gone.

Updated: 11/27/17, 2:20AM ET

Samsung VR Headset Deal Baseline

Samsung HMD Odyssey is widely considered the ‘premium’ option among the line of Windows Mixed Reality headsets, what with its built-in audio and refined styling. Only on the market for a few months, the headset + controller bundle normally costs $500, a deal you can find from retailers including Samsung, Microsoft Store, and Best Buy.

The Best Samsung Odyssey Cyber Monday Deal

Image courtesy Samsung

The best Samsung HMD Odyssey Cyber Monday 2017 deal we’ve found online so far is Microsoft Store for $450, a $50 savings which includes the headset and controllers. The deal lasts until 11:59 PM PST on November 27th.

Other Samsung Odyssey Deals to Consider

  • Buy a CyberPower VR-ready Desktop ($630) and get $400 off a Windows VR Headset at Best Buy 
  • Save $150 on Samsung Odyssey Laptop + Samsung HMD Odyssey at Microsoft Store

If you’ve found a better deal on the web, let us know in the comments and we’ll include it in our Cyber Monday savings round-up.

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  • GrangerFX

    $450 is a $50 savings not $100.

    • Dena

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  • impurekind

    At $450 I’m not sure why you’d buy this over the Oculus Rift at $350?

    • Steve Costanza

      Higher resolution, no base stations for tracking, reviews are saying the tracking is comparable, only to improve with updates. more comfortable, less stuff for travelling and works on less powerful machines than oculus.

      • Michael


    • Riast Ullah

      Tested these out yesterday. Would prefer these over Occulus anyday.

    • Graham

      I’m very interested in getting one of these – if only they would release them in the uk. Rift wouldn’t work for me as I don’t want all the base stations in my living room.

    • DirkaDirk

      I had a Vive for a while and returned it. Was having issues constantly with base stations. Maybe I was having some kind of intereferemce issues, idk. I ordered the Odyssey too even though I was going for the rift. Keep in mind to get full scale tracking to the equivalent of Odyssey you’d need another base station, putting the rift over $400.

      • impurekind

        “Keep in mind to get full scale tracking to the equivalent of Odyssey you’d need another base station, putting the rift over $400.”


      • David D. Taylor

        On the other hand, you don’t have to have the controllers in front of the headset with the Oculus, while you DO have to have it with WinMR.

        I have played many full scale tracking games on Oculus with 2 sensors, and if you place them right, it performs just as good as the Vive… or at least it has with my hundreds of hours on the Oculus…

        Anyway, all I’m saying is it’s a trade off with the Windows headsets. Have true full tracking as long as your hands are in front of your body, or get almost full tracking and be able to reach in almost any direction.

  • David D. Taylor

    Where is this Best Buy bundle deal that is referenced? I had to buy a computer… the exact one linked… and although I have an Oculus, wouldn’t mind picking up a windows headset on severe discount.

    • Jeff Axline

      Yeah it looks like $50 off of an HP headset. $400 bucks off would be a free headset.