Evidence that a new VR game published by Bethesda Softworks, the studio behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, has appeared in an online listing by the Australian government’s media classification board.

According to the listing, the game is codenamed ‘Project 2021A’, and will be developed by Bethesda subsidiary studio id Software. It’s unclear what to make of it since there’s no name attached to the game itself, although the listing does hold a few scraps of info.

The game, which is is solely listed as supporting VR, carries an ‘R 18+’ rating for “high-impact violence, [and] online interactivity,” which could point to any number of id Software regulars, including franchises such as Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake.

Notably, id Software’s DOOM VFR (2017) was also rated ‘R 18+’ by the Australian government, which restricts the game to users 18 years and over; that was for the game’s “high impact violence, blood and gore.”

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Bethesda’s Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot (2019) was rated ‘MA 15+’, which restricts it to 15 years and above for its “strong violence, [and] online interactivity.” Whatever it is, it’s probably going to be more intense than killing Nazis from the relative safety of a giant mech.

Could we be looking at a wholly new VR-only game in the vein of Doom VFR, or possibly a retread of an older, non-VR game from the studio? It’s difficult to say with so little information, although the codename and preemptive media classification would suggest we’ll be hearing about it sometime this year.

The next likely announce windows are E3 2021 in June and GDC 2021 in July. Both events are still being held in-person, albeit with heavy emphasis on a “digital-first” component.

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  • Gonzax

    Hopefully better than DOOM VFR, which was awful.

    • TechPassion

      Yes. It had a nice start with elevator, but then the game was a total crap.

    • namekuseijin

      it was decent enough with traditional gamepad motion and head aiming on psvr

      with motion controls it was awful though, Doom 3 on Quest just plays better by allowing full walk and run speed and full body turns unimpeded by cables

      also, Doom VFR was kinda blurry. there’s some motion blur in place that is all over the place along with strong AA… this was actually pretty much a constant in all VR games using Unreal. I hope they fixed the engine.

      • Brian Elliott Tate

        Doom VFR used id Tech 6, not Unreal. With UE4 though, at least you can fix issues using hidden ini settings.

  • TJStudioYT

    To be honest, after the dumpster fire controversy that is the Doom Eternal Denuvo Anti-Cheat update, I’m not excited about this anymore and Bethesda is officially on my blacklist.

    Go ahead and downvote this point if you need to, but the point is that this company cannot be trusted anymore. Bethesda is now known as one of the most anti-consumer companies like EA and Activision. I just stated my facts and I am keeping this as a fact.

  • 3872Orcs

    Commander Keen! :P

    I think it’ll be Rage though as they’ve already dipped their toes into VR with Doom and Wolfenstein.

  • jimmey dean hiya

    Commander keen.VR

    • huh

      Commander Keen was my very first game.
      Then I moved on to Space Quest

  • Wild Dog

    I actually really hope it’s Wolfenstein VR. Could be really fun.

  • Rosko

    God i hope its not Elder Scrolls blades?

  • oomph

    ESO should also be on VR too