‘Bigscreen’ Expands Platform for Creators with New Green Screen Environment


Bigscreen, the social screen-sharing app for VR, is striding into new territory with its new green screen environment, which aims to let creators repurpose their avatars for anything from Zoom chats to YouTube videos.

The platform has a number of theater environments that are great for chatting, viewing videos and playing games; since there’s no user-generated environments, it can’t really be used for much else though.

Now you’ll be able to replace your background with anything you like, opening Bigscreen’s possibilities beyond its use as a video-viewing social app.

Using Bigscreen’s Green Screen

Virtual environments make everything easier from a setup standpoint: you won’t need a physical green screen, web cam, or adequate lighting—that’s all taken care of in-software.

Firstly, the new green screen environment can only practically be used on PC VR headsets. This is because Bigscreen’s third-person ‘Selfie Stick’ and ‘Streamer Cam’ capture tools are only available for SteamVR-compatible headsets and Quest 2 via Link. The original Quest is said to receive the Selfie Stick tool in the future.

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Bigscreen supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, all Windows VR headsets, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. Find out how to download it for free here.

In addition to the obvious requirement of a SteamVR headset and VR-ready PC, you will also need a third-party capture tool like OBS, which is a free desktop recording tool with native chroma key software built in. There’s a quick tutorial from Elgato on how to use the chroma key function on OBS if you need help setting it up.

Make sure to have the latest update installed on Bigscreen, and go to the ‘Green Screen’ options under the ‘My Room’ tab, which is in the ‘Environments’ section. Set up either a selfie stick or streamer cam and start recording. And there you have it: your avatar superimposed on any background you like.

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  • asdf

    haha anybody else notice the joe rogan podcast moment in there?

  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    Well you can still use green screen on Quest if you have two Quest units (for example if you didn’t sell your OG Quest).

  • gothicvillas

    I wish we could make our own environments. It could be from BigScreen provided assets, just rearranging rooms to our own taste.

    • asdf

      any image of any environment is now your environment. theyre taking the 3d world and making it a 2d plane with your character, so really just grab images for that.

      • gothicvillas

        I meant not streaming. I often hold my chat rooms where people join me and we talk various topics while sitting around the fire etc. What I meant, is that I could shape the room myself. Placing chairs here, sofa here, some wall textures, maybe round table, maybe square table, dim lights, add more light sources, make it cosy and unique. I am not interested in streaming and dont intend to use their avatars only. I want to make my room for chatting with my own touch and style.