Blade & Sorcery, the hit physics-based combat sandbox, is moving towards its 1.0 release, which is coming with a major update slated to arrive early next year.

In development by indie studio WarpFrog for almost five years now, Blade & Sorcery has basically been the go-to fantasy combat simulator for PC VR headset users, letting you live out all of the sword and sorcery dreams with suitably malleable enemies at the ready.

WarpFrog is nearly ready to bring the game out of Early Access too, detailing on Steam the game’s massive 1.0 update, known as “Crystal Hunt”, which will feature a host of new content, including a bona fide storyline, a new dungeon biome, and new game mode. It’s also said to be the game’s final update.

Revolving around an ancient and mysterious race called the Dalgarians, the game’s storyline will be presented through environmental storytelling, written text, and ciphers—something that the studio says will offer players “deep lore” exploration for the first time.

The Crystal Hunt also involves character progression, loot gathering, and a unique skill tree—no small feats. Loot gathered in dungeons can be sold to purchase weapons and armor from a physical shop in the game. Then there are the much sought after Crystals Core themselves.

The titular crystals are “the very rare resource found in the Dalgarian ruins and what you and everyone else is chasing,” the studio explains. “Crystal Cores can be siphoned of their magical power to make a sorcerer more powerful. In game terms, this is the currency you will use to unlock new skills branches, which you can then invest your shards.”

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The update also introduces new armors and weapons, including tiered weapons with functional benefits.

The release date for the update is estimated to be in Q1 2024, Warpfrog says, but it’s subject to change due to development challenges, and also the team’s anti-crunch culture—now counting 21 full-time and six part-time members.

Exactly when 1.0 arrives, we aren’t sure. The final release date will be confirmed when the 1.0 trailer drops, so stay tuned to The Baron’s YouTube channel, who is producer and community lead for the game—and of course, check back here for all of the latest news.

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  • shadow9d9

    A game with no content, offers a token amount so it could declare it is done and move on to selling something else.

    • ViRGiN

      Players will be no wiser. They love games of single mechanics.
      I smell a rhythm game coming, but you’re marching forward like in pistol whip, fighting of bns enemies.

      • NotMikeD

        You know what game I’D like to play? A rhythm action game where you play as a lone hopeful PCVR dev trying to blaze a path forward to the future of gaming, but bns of negative and derisive ViRGiN comments assail you from all sides, and you’ve got to stave them off with blasts of VR positivity and hope for the medium. Now that I’d play.

  • Cl

    Games final update? So you’re telling me he had it in early access for 5 years just to finally release it and that will be the final update? That doesn’t even make sense.

    I mean games used to be like that so I guess it’s not that strange… just now games are expected to have additional content later. Oh well.

    • ViRGiN

      Steam legalized this behavior.

      • dextrovix

        That customers endorsed.

  • Paul Bellino

    If Blade & Sorcery does not get a full-fledged Story Mode, then it will be just more of the same. A nice Tech Demo and nothing more.

    • ViRGiN

      It sold to pretty much everyone possible at the moment. Working on a story doesn’t make a business sense anymore.

    • CrusaderCaracal

      Not every game needs a story mode