‘Blaston’ Studio Announces Futuristic VR Sports Game ‘Ultimechs’, Trailer Here


Resolution Games, the studio behind Demeo, Blaston, and Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, announced its next title coming to “major VR platforms” starting next year. Called Ultimechs, the game put you aboard a mech to play some sort of futuristic multiplayer sport.

The studio is staying tight-lipped on exactly what the new sport involves, however they say you’ll need “speed, precision and rocketry […] to defeat your opponents.” More info is said to arrive in the coming months.

In the trailer we can see a mech firing a rocket-fist at a ball, or rather a specific target on the ball that sends it hurtling into a goal area.

Image courtesy Resolution Games

There’s actually more to infer here too, thanks to a tweet made by the studio earlier this week. In the short clip below we can see four players donning Quest 2 headsets. A menu screen is briefly seen on stage where there’s an apparent loadout selection and list of available arenas. The four players battle in out and appear to guide the rocket-fists to their targets, possibly in teams of two.

“With Ultimechs we have created an entirely new gameplay mechanic that could only exist in the immersive world of VR,” said Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games. “Sure anyone can kick a ball into a net, but only in the world of Ultimechs can you and your mech punch it in by firing a rocket fist and controlling the trajectory as you follow along its path. And that just scratches the surface of Ultimechs. We’ve really stretched the boundaries of what can be done in VR in this game, and we can’t wait to share more details.”

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Resolution Games has developed several ground-up VR titles that are unique to the medium. Following in the footsteps of Blaston, a futuristic 1v1 dueling game that is currently rated at [4.6/5] stars on the Oculus Store, the studio says it hopes Ultimechs will grow its catalog of “distinct, original multiplayer experiences that the company is known for.”

Ultimechs is coming in 2022 to “major VR platforms,” which nowadays typically means Oculus Quest 2, SteamVR and PSVR. Heading into 2022 though, it’s likely we’ll be seeing more platforms arrive such as the long-awaited second-gen PSVR headset for PS5, and whatever Meta is cooking up with its Project Cambria MR headset, something we’re hoping to hear more about during Meta’s VR gaming showcase coming in early 2022.

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      And Pavlov’s Hidden mode update, which is like an entire new game in the game.

      • Trust me, I’ve tried to inform them about it all! Agreed though, quality updates like that made me go back to Pavlov even though for core gameplay I was more fond of the likes of Contractors and Onward but now they’ve all managed to offer truly unique things (although Onward has faltered, I really hope they turn it into something special before they abandon it to work on Quest-only stuff now that Facebook bought them). The Hidden was awesome since its Half-Life 2 mod iteration and it made the perfect comeback.

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          I’d rather that Pavlov just adds tactical SnD to make onward entirely superfluous.

    • Dude, I love that you’re trying to show off more games, but you should seriously get your own news site to do this on rather than spam the comments of other vr sites, makes it hard to scroll through comments when there’s like 20 videos by you on each page

      • I’ll keep it down to the latest few, the other comment was just making a point about VR coverage, in that there’s so much content ignored yet we get articles about how “(PC)VR NEEDS CONTENT NOT HARDWARE”.

        • You really didn’t get the point of that article (which was posted on “the other site” and not RoadtoVR, btw!). It was a public request specifically aimed at Valve to take stewardship for PCVR from a platform level just like Oculus/Fb/Meta has done from the start with their platform(s), and especially Quest.

          • I got the point of the article and the point of the way VR coverage is done, I know which site it was posted on and responded there. The sentiment is the same on all the sites, Quest and even PSVR get hyped while PC VR is completely ignored at best. There’s no lack of (great) PC VR content, period. Only lack of coverage for a ton of it (and great VR content in general but since you’re going on about that I’ll respond). Quest isn’t somehow full of (great) content and PC VR totally without just because of about a handful of worthwhile Quest exclusives while conveniently ignoring a ton of (great) PC exclusives. If PC VR has no content then neither does Quest since the vast, vast majority of Quest games are also on PC (often first). If one wants to make a point about Valve making more games (that’s actually in demand in and out of VR but then again, nobody says Dell should be making PC games just cos they sell hardware so it’s kinda silly to expect some benevolent “first party” style behaviour from anybody doing business on an open platform like the PC) then do that and ask for Valve games because you love them and without spreading misinformation about a whole platform with titles going all, oh no, we got so much hardware, i can’t hold all this VR hardware, let’s get some content for it please, there’s nothing! Not that the body of the article was devoid of bs. Thanks!

          • You should really post your “VR reporting” on a website of your own. Do your part to balance the scales? These sites are media businesses – that means if they get 10x the clicks/reads (and, by extension, 10x ad revenue) on an article about a Quest game vs a PCVR game it would be financially irresponsible for them to do more than 10% of their coverage on PCVR games.

            We had a good discussion on twitter about just this the other week, maybe check it out and try to understand different perspectives? https://twitter.com/runevision/status/1458004248365502464

          • I don’t see a discussion there, just you desperately defending a publication as here with putting words in the mouth of the original post like “kingmaker powers” or sticking to your “dude it’s just about Valve, really, not the platform, just Valve, read it again, it’s just about valve, all this about PC VR having no content, it’s not about your content, it’s about Valve” or whatever and then later them coming in to say, sorry indie dev, I get how it looks but we just don’t have enough people, that’s all it is, honest and leaving it at that! Where’s the interesting dfiscussion? Like it’s by chance PC VR gets the shaft, or it’s hard to get more people, hah. As for the clicks angle, surely they could at least have a weekly column about what’s hot with PC VR, or keep them for the MANY MANY MANY slow news days with literally nothing else going on, surely that brings in more hits than days old stories even if not as much as QUEST 3/PRO CAMBRIA ANNOUNCED WOOOOO (duh). Love how you didn’t respond to anything I actually said btw.

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    I wonder what this is based on. It’s fine, I just wish Mini Moto X leaned more into its rocket league mode since I think that had a lot of potential.

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  • So basically, it’s Rocket League with robots in VR! As long as the maps are bigger than the one shown in the trailer, Im in! Looks like what Rigs tried to be as a PSVR exclusive, but not an exclusive…

  • Richard R Garabedian

    so its rocket league except you dont move….hmmm…idk

  • Resolution games is releasing an insane amount of games!

  • Geogaddi

    Sony should re-release RIGS when PSVR2 comes out, but also for PC with crossplay this time around.

  • Ragbone

    We need speedball VR. Or Speedball in real life.