FitXR, the studio behind BoxVR (2017), today announced that it has raised a $1.25 million seed investment led by Boost VC.

BoxVR is a fitness focused VR boxing rhythm game that’s garnered a positive reception on both Steam and Oculus platforms since its 2017 launch. The studio says that they’ve sold some 50,000 copies of the game and that they’re seeing strong traction from players, with average play sessions upwards of 27 minutes.

With that, the studio has raised a $1.25 million seed investment led by Boost VC, with participation by VC firms Maveron, TenOneTen, and a handful of angel investors. The company says they plan to use the funds to expand operations and accelerate the development of upcoming immersive products focused on fitness. While their first game is available on VR headsets, they expect to also reach into the AR space as it matures.

Image courtesy FitXR

While other VR games can pass as a decent workout, BoxVR makes fitness a primary focus. In the game, players are confronted with an instruction pattern which tasks them with hooking, jabbing, ducking, and weaving to the beat. The game even includes an estimation of calories burned.

According to the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise, playing BoxVR at its highest workout difficult can burn 6-8 calories per minute, roughly the equivalent of playing tennis. FitXR says that all workouts in the game are choreographed by fitness instructors.

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  • Allen Skurow

    I was sceptical of this game, but, tried it on the free weekend. It is now an essential every other day upper body workout. It is sort of the exercise equivalent of ‘Beat Saber’, but, with much better physical results – toning, cardio, eye/hand coordination, and self defense. Of course, it’s not as fun as BS (what is?), but it has good motivational music and tunes too. Do not get the Viveport version (get Steam) until they update/improve it.

  • jarjarplinks

    BoxVR is excellent, but there’s loads of other great active VR games out there. I’ve recently started a YouTube channel recording VR game demonstrations using a fitness tracker. If any one is interested in using VR for exercise, checkout ’30minVR – VR Fitness and Gaming’