Aiming to Bring ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Action to VR, Tactical Team Shooter ‘Breachers’ Releases in April


Triangle Factory, the studio behind Hyper Dash (2021), announced its squad-based shooter Breachers is set to launch next month on Quest 2 and SteamVR headsets.

The Rainbow Six Siege-inspired shooter has seen over 60,000 players play since the studio launched the open alpha late last year. Now the studio says Breachers will officially launch on April 13th.

Like Rainbow Six Siege, one team (Enforcers) is tasked with wiping out the enemy squad and disarm their bombs with an EMP. You’ll be able to rappel and breach through walls, swing through windows and catch your opponents by surprise with gadgetry like drones, cloaking devices, flashbangs and breaching foam.

As the opposing team (Revolter), your squad has to protect your bombs with force and gadgets such as door-blockers, trip mines, static field emitters and proximity sensors.

If you’re curious to try your hand at the Breachers, the studio is actually still running the open alpha until March 24th. You can join the open alpha over at SideQuest for Quest 2 and Quest Pro, and over at Github for PC VR headsets. If you need any help through the install process, make sure to jump over to the game’s Discord (invite link).

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While a VR-only game, Triangle Factory is also packaging in a spectator mode that can be viewed without VR hardware, promising some ready access for streamers looking to commentate on the game’s 5v5 competitive matches.

Priced at $30, players who pre-order on Quest can also get an Elite gun skin for ‘The Jesper’, the standard sidearm players spawn with at the start of each round. You can also wishlist on Steam. The studio hasn’t mentioned PSVR 2 support yet.

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  • Florent Paquier

    awesome game!! going to buy it for sure !

  • ViRGiN

    Cool game, but simplified in many aspects like reloading. Congrats on launch.

    Pavlov still isn’t releasing anytime soon hahaha

  • Preorder exclusives is terrible practice.

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Single player mode too?

  • Because it’s exclusive to the pre order. Nothin good about exclusives.

  • Looks cool

  • Andrey

    You can dislike or mark my comment as spam as much as you want, but for me it looks like another failed at the concept stage attempt to create a VR shooter, but now with another gimmick (breaching) as a selling point. Not as bad as Veil, but not even close to Contractors or so-hated here Pavlov – very niche gameplay (especially in terms of VR), mediocre graphics and physics (yeah-yeah, it’s for Quest, I know, calm down!) with blaster-looking guns like a cherry on top of everything. It’s really sad that people who have money/skills and ability to create games in general doesn’t really know what gamers want and need (even if gamers usually don’t know that themselves), so they create something like this. Really wish Vince Zampella and his old team was really interested in VR (and not outsourced it to other people like he did with Medal of Honor Above and Beyond) and finally created Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (not 2022, but 2009)-like shooter for VR. With nice-working and somewhat [un]balanced perk system/weapon roaster, great designed maps that will become iconic right after game’s release (and will be ported as mods later to all other not-so-good [VR] shooters, lol) and, finally, the ability to create “new” modes – mostly for fun, like noobtubing only – without coming through seven layers of hell like it is right now with other games. Hell, even if so hated by me Activison will just port MW2 to VR (preferably MW2 Remastered), but WITH multiplayer/COOP – it will instantly become my all-time favorite VR FPS. Though if Microsoft will get them, it will become almost impossible. And that’s what really sad…

    • Ookami

      I played the early alpha, it was really fun. With more maps and guns this has a solid chance. Even with only 1 map it was more fun than the other shooters I’ve played.
      Don’t disregard it because of the graphics or current simplicity.

  • Andrey

    Nope. I meant that some people (like mentioned Vince Zampella) have a “feeling” for those kind of things. And developers of the mentioned in the article game clearly not. That’s all.

    • NL_VR

      i dont know who that guy is but Breachers seems verry popular and people did like their previous game Hyper dash also.

      • Andrey

        Vince Zampella is one of people who founded Infinity Ward and started the whole Call of Duty franchise. Yeah, that exact Call of Duty that releases every year and gains billions of dollars. He was literally exiled from his own studio by Bobby Kotic right after Modern Warfare 2 release, last really great game in the series that, back in 2009, got a record for earning the biggest amount of money in the gaming industry in the first week or something. And now he works in his new studio Respawn Entertainment, that already developed two Titanfall games (the second one is a masterpiece story and gameplay-wise) and mega-popular Apex Legends battle-royal game in the same universe, as well as Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and coming soon Survivor games – one of the best Star Wars-themed games of the last years. Also under his command the only good thing about Battlefield 2042 – Battlefield Portal – was created. And because of that he is now in charge of the next Battlefield game and that means it finally will be damn good. Maybe not as revolutionary as CoD 4 was in 2007 that changed the whole industry, but very good, playable and enjoyable for certain. I personally will buy it just because it is created with his vision.
        So yeah, this guy definitely knows what he is doing. And if he was serious about VR, we could get a FPS game just like Alyx, both gameplay, overal quality and innovations-wise. But he is not that interested in it, so we are *&^%$@.

        • NL_VR

          Ok yeah, sure need those.
          Buts it’s been proven that just because you are good at making flatscreen games, there is no certainty that you can make good VR games.

          • kool

            True but we call know Vince would save VR if he tried!

        • kool

          You dont seem to understand its very few highly skilled teams making VR games and if they are it has to work on quest. Sony has a chance to change that by getting console Dev’s to make VR games, but that’s stillan uphill battle. These small teams are getting better but right now these kinds of games the best they can do

  • duked

    Still giving a like to your own posts – but why have you abandoned CAPS LOCK? =)

  • Ookami

    the boss?

    you mean.. Snake?

  • Ookami

    that’s my problem with Pavlov and Contractors. Mods are great and all (and I do mean that sincerely), but it sometimes ends up watering down the whole experience because everyone is playing the hot new mods that you aren’t interested in, or are just plain unpolished.