Budget Cuts, a first-person stealth assassin game from Neat Corporation, isn’t out just yet, but HTC Vive owners can now dive into the formerly press-only demo.

Budget Cuts was one of the first VR games to weave a portal locomotion technique directly into its gameplay. That said, people have been going crazy over the demo thus far, which takes you through a full level filled with enemy robot sentries that you have to dodge around using your teleportation gun. A single slice of your throwing knife is all you need to put your enemies down, that, and a good sense of direction as you infiltrate the mega corporation undergoing—you guessed it—drastic budget cuts.

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YouTubers, streamers, and the media have all had their hands on Budget Cuts, and if you pre-ordered a Vive (or have access to either Vive dev kit) you’ll be able to play the demo starting today, of course free of charge.

Download ‘Budget Cuts’ Demo for SteamVR

Joachim Holmér, founder of Neat Corp, maintains that the full game is slated for the end of this year and that they’re “…aiming to be about as long as Portal 1 [in game length].” While the team has an Oculus Touch dev kit in their possession, there hasn’t been an official word on whether the game is making a jump to the Rift or not.

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    Has Steam always had demos? I can’t remember.

    Wish iOS had demos…

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