Stealth Action Classic ‘Budget Cuts’ Comes to PSVR 2 & Quest with ‘Ultimate’ Edition in June


The newly announced Budget Cuts Ultimate, which combines both Budget Cuts (2018) and Budget Cuts 2 (2019) stealth action games into a single experience, is set to launch on PSVR 2 and Quest 2 next month.

Budget Cuts Ultimate is set to bring both games to those respective platforms for the first time, launching on June 1st.

Originally released on PC VR and the original PSVR, Budget Cuts makes use of a unique portaling system that completely rethinks teleportation in VR as we know it. Not only can you pop around corners like a ninja, but also throw knives through portals, making for some compelling encounters with the world’s armed security robots.

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Here’s a description, courtesy its developers Neat Corporation:

As your last human co-worker is hauled away, a mysterious briefcase from someone on the outside is delivered to your desk. You need to get to the bottom of what is going on at TransCorp.

Sneak around enemy robots by climbing through air ducts and service tunnels, or embrace violence by unleashing a fistful of knives, quivers of arrows, grenades, and coffee mugs onto their unsuspecting circuits. Once you’ve completed your mission, test your skills in the arcade with multiple modes, difficulty levels, and scoring.

You can wishlist the game on PSVR 2 here, and on Quest 2/Pro here.

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