Build and Race on Your Own Tiny Racing Track with ‘Tiny Wheels’

lots of fun for under $2


The days of setting up ludicrously long Hot Wheels tracks and launching the tiny diecast metal cars straight into the side of a hastily constructed LEGO fort are all but over—not when you can practically revisit the glory days in the cheap but serviceable Tiny Wheels (2016) for HTC Vive.

Created by indie developer Robbie Tilton, Tiny Wheels is a sandbox where you can build your own miniature racing tracks and steer a tiny remote control car. Because you can adjust both the size of the playspace and all the dozen-or-so track parts on hand (including the little car), the sand box is actually surprisingly versatile.

Tilton says “there’s no rules, no score, no objective. You can create challenging tracks and see if you can navigate your tiny car through it or just enjoy the act of creating.”

For now, track pieces actually clip through each other, meaning you’ll have to take some care when you line them up. While it technically means you can construct anything you want and at any angle, it infringes somewhat on the game’s ease-of-use.

Expressing the concern to Tilton, I was told that snap-together track pieces was one of highest requested features, that and a cockpit view that will let you actually get inside the tiny remote control Jeep. Needless to say, my inner child will be waiting for the update with bated breath.

While Tiny Wheels isn’t perfect and could definitely benefit from some TLC in the controls department, for only $1.99 on Steam you’ll be hard pressed to not enjoy yourself.

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  • J.C.

    Well, sheeeeit. Two dollars? I’ll be buying this when I get home. It’d be awesome if it had an editor half as awesome as Cloudlands, and maybe he’ll get there.

  • Nigerian Wizard

    Why the hell cant you drive it in 1st person. *facepalm*

  • mrtexasfreedom

    Cool stuff. Looking forward to how the developer builds this out.

    This kind of thing is ripe for an ecosystem where third-parties can build DLC that the original developer takes a cut from. Like different cars and track expansion pieces.

  • This game really beat my expectations. So simple yet so much fun!