Nanome, the studio behind CalcFlow, the 3D visualization tool for math concepts, has partnered with HTC to bring their STEM-focused VR tools to libraries across California and Nevada.

Nanome is bringing a number of their VR tools to libraries as a part of the Vive Libraries program, which recently saw over 100 HTC Vive’s donated to public libraries in California and Nevada.

Nanome’s CalcFlow aims to make calculus easier, allowing you to use VR to manipulate 3D graphs, model concepts in 3D, and also quickly modify parameters. CalcFlow is offered as a free download, but little good that does without a VR headset.

The studio’s other offerings include NanoOnea tool to model and visualize molecules, and NanoPro, a tool that lets you do the same but with atoms, molecules and proteins in a collaborative VR environment.

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“Nanome is looking forward to partnering with HTC to work towards a future of democratized science, where anyone can learn, participate, and contribute to STEM fields,” the company says in an HTC blogpost. “Immersive virtual classrooms, labs, and experiences, like the ones created by Nanome, will open the eyes of students and hobbyists around the world.”

Library goers will also be able to use the company’s new blockchain platform Matryx, which rewards collaboration in STEM by posting monetary ‘bounties’ for difficult math problems and tasks. Matryx isn’t specifically a VR app, but does integrate with other Nanome VR tools,

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