Call of the Sea (2020) always looked like a good candidate for VR support, and it seems the developers Out of The Blue Games thought so too, as the Madrid-based indie studio today released the BAFTA-nominated adventure puzzle on Quest 2.

Redesigned for VR, Call of the Sea is all about solving the mass of first-person puzzles which fill the mysterious island, set in the South Pacific circa 1934.

As a story-driven adventure, you’ll explore the lost ruins of the island and uncover its mysteries as you chase your missing husband who was on a mission to find a cure for a strange disease that afflicts you.

The game’s object-oriented puzzling feels like a good fit for VR, as users are tasked with browsing forgotten journals, solving musical puzzles, and manipulating Lovecraftian mechanisms which litter the island.

There’s also a good helping of narrative twists and turns to contend with, as Call of the Sea typically takes players between five to six hours to complete.

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We haven’t gone hands-on with the VR adaptation yet, however the original flatscreen version has garnered very positive user reviews from across Steam and Epic Games Store. It also received a BAFTA nomination in 2021 for Best Debut Game and a Raindance Immersive nomination in 2022 for Best Immersive Game.

You can download Call of the Sea VR on the Quest Store starting today, priced at $20. The game isn’t live yet at the time of this writing, as it’s set to unlock in the next few hours.

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