There’s plenty of reasons to be excited for the Oculus Rift to arrive at your doorstep in the next few days (or months), but don’t throw out that DK2 just yet, because there’s still some life in the old face-box yet. Free games, experiences, and apps for the taking!

Oculus Rift DK2 owners shouldn’t fret too much, because while support on Oculus Home isn’t recommended, we didn’t have any problem booting up the new runtime and jumping straight into the thick of things. A step-by-step guide takes you through the set up process, with the occasional road block if your GPU driver isn’t updated, or if you haven’t uninstalled your DK2-era runtime. The setup process thankfully takes care of everything else by itself.

Download ‘Oculus Home’

Despite the IR sensor throwing us guff, and the ‘rift ready’ icons never ceasing to turn, we were able to pop into Home and begin browsing and downloading free and paid content. The best part? If you have a DK2, you can start playing the famous bundled games immediately on your old headset and wired Xbox controller.

oculus connecting dk2 home
these never go away – just skip and go on your merry way

Everything besides EVE: Valkryie, which will likely be furnished later once the Rift arrives, is downloadable right now, including Lucky’s Tale, Farlands, Henry, Lost, Jaunt VR, Oculus Video, Oculus Photo, Colosse: A Story in Virtual Reality, Oculus Dreamdeck. Oculus does flash the warning shown below, so caution is advised for larger purchases, as we haven’t been able to verify exactly what works and what doesn’t at this point.

continue with purchase

We have our own little warning too: because the consumer Rift has a proximity sensor Oculus Home is ‘always on’. It makes it easier for consumer Rift users to pop in and out easily. Not so with the DK2 though, so make sure to physically shut off the screen with the power button the top right of the headset, otherwise it may suffer catastrophic burn-in.

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Happy Rifting DK2 owners! And Merry Riftday to you all!

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  • Leet Mofo

    Luckys Tale appears to be free, even if you haven’t ordered a rift.

  • Daniel Martin Peixe

    I´m with the issue that windows 10 wont let me uninstall the old 0.8 runtime ! any tips?

    • Bryan Ischo

      Quit the Oculus task bar app and then try? I was able to uninstall 0.8 easily.

      • Daniel Martin Peixe

        Thanks Bryan! I managed to uninstall it by re installing it , Rebooting, and then trying uninstalling again. It was a weird bug.
        Tried the oculus content and it was great! cant wait for my CV1!

  • Bob Dole

    anyone figure out how to access your own mkv movie collection with the new Oculus Video theatre? Or even enter Twitch info to access subscriptions? Only info I find online is for old Gear VR

    • Bob Dole

      well found out how to manually add movie directories in for any interested.
      C:Program Files (x86)OculusSoftwareoculus-oculus-videovideos_settings.ini
      But it’s a really crappy launch app. Doesn’t use codecs you have installed and nearly everything I tried (except basic small files) there was no audio. It’s so unorganized too, multiple tv show episodes? all flooded into one huge list of movies, home video, all your content.
      Can’t believe they don’t even have the ability to watch Youtube, Hulu, or Netflix on launch. Twitch needs to be fixed can’t even signin or use more than 10 random channels I dont want to watch.

  • Bryan Ischo

    Confirmed, working fine with a DK2. There is a warning in the store but everything works just fine.

    The only game I’ve played thus far is Lucky’s Tale, which in fact is free. Oh my god the cuteness. Characters look sooo much cuter in true 3d compared to flat screen “3d” (2.5d?). It’s a fun game too.

    Thank you Oculus for making your store work for DK2 owners!

  • mareknr

    Hi. My camera senzor doesn’t work. Oculus Home is telling me that it’s connected, but I have warning about poor tracking quality with question mark saying “Sensor sync cable disconnnected”. USB is saiyng that it is connected to USB2 .0. But that’s not true. I have older motherboard but with few USB 3.0 connetors (Intel and AS Media in ASUS P8Z77-V). I tried all of them with the same result. I had no problem with older runtime My OS is Windows 10 64 bit. Had somebody the same issue? I can use DK2 but without positional tracking and it sucks. :-)

    • Bryan Ischo

      My DK2 tracking camera works fine with the newest runtime. My computer is pretty new though, not sure if that has anything to do with it. You might try uninstalling all Oculus software and reinstalling.

      • mareknr

        Thanks for advice. I will try to reinstall Oculus SW. I only wanted to know if it is only my problem or ift it works.

      • mareknr

        BTW. Is there a possibility to reinstall Oculus Home and setup and don’t loose everything else? I bought and installed some games and don’t want to download them again…

  • Josh

    How do you select a game in Oculus home on the dk2? I can navigate but i can’t select anything

    • Bryan Ischo

      You have to use an XBox controller. And for many games, you after it’s downloaded, you have to take the headset off and click a button in a window on your desktop to complete the install. It’s kind of hokey at the moment.

  • Thanks for the burning advice

  • Valics Lehel

    I have done the upgrade, tried first game and I get some working demo, but when I moved the rift, I get disconnected, some noisy screen and now is yellow and nothing work. I will try to uninstall the driver and reinstall tomorrow. :-(

  • Dušan Tešo Tešanović

    this is so amazing !! waiting for vr from early 90’s …..lucky’s tale.. i was so suspicious about this game..Oculus team u convinced me.. i think the great future is coming for vr!! thx alot

  • Robert Sierra Jr

    So, just checking, are you guys also unable to use the rift sensor, i.e. tracking is basically back to DK1 days with no positional tracking only rotational.

    • Kazetsukai

      You have to click skip on that screen, but the positional tracking still works fine for me. Was very surprised at how well it worked.

  • El_MUERkO

    I uninstalled 0.8, installed Oculus Home skipping the HMD setup stuff and my DK2 works, i turn it off on the HMD when not using it and turn it on by starting Oculus Home

    Adrift and Elite from Steam both use the DK2 without issue and with improved performance!

    • Valics Lehel

      You mean from Steam work games for you? Cause for me any Steam game stopped to work with DK2.

      • Jordan

        To run games outside of oculus home on the latest runtime, you need to go to oculus home > settings > general, and then tick ‘unknown sources’

  • Antony Sorensen

    DK2 here as well. Uninstalled old runtimes etc, installed new oculus store thing…the client won’t load at all for me – unplugged dk2, tried again, still nothing comes up. Any ideas? WIndows 8.1

  • Jason McMahon

    So once you do this.. is there a way to still use the pre-Oculus Home DK2 demos?

    • DavetheG


    • Valics Lehel

      You can use Oculus Runtime Switcher, works fine for me.

  • Christopher Doud

    If you can get it to install. Day 3 no luck. DK2 + WIN 10.
    [Debug] [4/17/2016 8:42:37 PM] Install ‘Set up C:Program Files (x86)Oculus and OVRLibrarian.’ succeeded.
    [Debug] [4/17/2016 8:42:37 PM] Installing oculus-runtime. [Debug] [4/17/2016 8:42:39 PM] Process C:Program Files (x86)OculusSupportoculus-librarianOVRLibrarian.exe exited with code 12 (failure).
    [Debug] [4/17/2016 8:42:39 PM] Install ‘Install all downloaded packages.’ failed. [Warning] [4/17/2016 8:42:39 PM] Rolling back installation.

  • João Gabriel Shibata

    can i play dk2 games in cv1?

  • Supreeth S

    I am using the DK2 on the oculus windows 10 app and everything is fine until i reach the home screen. No matter what app i open it says ‘ You have a pending hardware issue and its preventing you from accessing VR ‘ I have lost my sensor. So its just the dk2 headset. Is that the problem. Coz the headset just works fine for me in the app dashboard.. Pls help

  • Wouter Bovelander

    After my Windows 10 Creators update my Oculus Rift DK2 and its sensor stopped being recognised. Anyone else having this problem?