John Carmack, CTO at Oculus, has tweeted advice to those considering a new phone for VR that they should wait until after Oculus’ 2nd Connect conference next month.

Samsung’s ‘Unpacked’ event has now been and gone, without much of a clue as to where the mobile tech giant will take the mobile VR platform Gear VR next. The new Note 5 makes few technology advances, with the same screen resolution and reportedly includeing a smaller battery, which may indicate it isn’t the hardware platform Oculus and Samsung will use to push mobile VR forward into the next generation.

Furthermore Oculus CTO John Carmack has tweeted two snippets which seem to indicate that Connect 2 will be the event to watch for Gear VR updates. Specifically, Carmack tweeted:

A fairly clear warning to mobile VR fans to wait. But for what? The original Gear VR launch was based on the Galaxy Note 4 phablet but it seems that the new Note 5 device, due this year, will offer no real relevant hardware upgradea and successors to Samsung’s flagship smartphone line are not expected for a while. A second tweet cements the hopes we’ll learn much more at Connect 2015:

Could Gear VR be headed to become a standalone, mobile hardware platform a la Gameface? Frankly, it would likely offer the best possible mobile VR experience with the fewest compromises but perhaps a less attractive product for a mobile phone focussed company such as Samsung. However, with a slowing mobile technology market, Samsung are looking at ways to diversify – perhaps a dedicated VR SKU might be just the ticket?

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Either way, looks like we’ll know more after Carmack speaks at Oculus Connect 2, which is scheduled to take place at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood on 23-35 September. Registration for the event is now closed, those who did register should receive confirmation of their places by mid August.

Road to VR will be at Oculus Connect 2 in September to bring you the latest on Gear VR and everything else.

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  • RoTaToR

    23-35 September *cough*

  • pedrw nascimentw

    Launch the phone now and then Gear vr is a killer strategy!
    Because it would be easier to convince people when they purchase the phone

    I am very disappointed with everything that is happening!

  • Don Gateley

    Ok. Was planning on the Moto X Pure in early September to work with the open Cardboard app ecosystem but I’m willing to wait a couple more weeks to see how attractive they’ve made the currently closed Gear VR fork.

  • Darshan Gayake

    ’35’ doesn’t exists ;-P

    I am eager to see where Samsung takes this Gear VR thing.. Of-course it has merit of being totally wireless and self sufficient device. easy to travel with. easy to land for demos. A most compelling personal movie theater etc…

    Only caveat is price … $750 device + $250 Gear+Controller is insane…

    Why cant be phone+gear+Controller <= ~$550/600 accompanied by nice library for supported apps and 360 Stereo Vids stuff….

    Imo Samsung can do it, likely to face demand that will be hard to satisfy.