CastleStorm VR Announced for Oculus Rift and Gear VR, New Trailer Here


CastleStorm VR is a curious blend of medieval RTS, Tower Defence and RPG mechanics with a dash of Angry Birds, set on a 2D plane and build for virtual reality. It’s on its way for both the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets, take a look at it in action in this launch trailer.

3rd person gaming, not a style originally expected to be ‘a thing’ when virtual reality’s resurgence began just a few years ago, is fast becoming a popular way to present immersive titles.

The latest to adopt this viewpoint is the ‘just announced’ CastleStorm VR from developers Zen Studios. Described by the team as an “action-strategy-RPG hybrid” the title, on its way to both Oculus Rift and Gear VR headsets, lets the player “Raze castles and conquer your rivals in CastleStorm VR, a super genre mashup of 2D physics destruction mashed with a tower defense brawler. Players are catapulted right into the heat of the battlefield, casting their swords against formidable foes like knights, soldiers, archers and even griffins in thrilling castle vs. castle combat.”

The original game first appeared a couple of years ago for mobile platforms to some acclaim, with Zen Studios reworking the viewpoint and visuals for virtual reality but retaining what made the first entry so popular. So you’ll be sending your hordes out to smash the opponent and laying waste to their strongholds with the ability to swoop in and take a closer look at the action (on the Rift at least).

CastleStorm VR is on its way to Oculus Rift and GearVR on July 16th.

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  • Matthew Wetzel

    Bullshit exclusive!

    Let me buy a special monitor to play some games. That makes sense…

    • Justos

      “VR is so revolutionary”

      “its just a monitor guyzzz”

      No. its a very sophisticated SDK, HMD, Controllers, a platform. Comparing VR to a monitor is doing it a disservice. If you own a vive, then you bought it knowing Oculus would have exclusive games. This didn’t happen overnight.

      Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the shit out of this game since I am actually an Oculus customer and not just shit poster on the internet. Go play some more the lab and get the fuck off the comment sections with your shit. Its easy to be a major player in game distribution and be “open” . “Open” to use Valve’s sdk, lmao.

      You guys are all on windows anyway. How open is that?

      • comparing VR to a monitor is actually pretty stupid. DERRRRR

      • Matthew Wetzel

        Be rude all you want, it still doesn’t change the fact that it is just a fancy monitor, and the exclusivity just ruins the market for all. Oculus produced an inferior product, launched poorly, and has lied to community that just wanted the next level of gaming.

        Instead of trying to improve their product, they want to clamp down on the industry so that people can only play there games with no other choice of better products to use. They are just using FB money to force others out of the industry so that they can reign supreme.

        They are trying to win in the market by removing competition instead of making a better product. If you are too blinded by your pettiness to see that, well that’s your problem.

        • Jordy

          Oculus Rift IS better than Vive, deal with it.

          • Matthew Wetzel

            Lol, yup, terrible shipping, trying to create a new consoles wars, inferior tracking technology. Yup you’re right, Oculus is better…oh wait, it isn’t.

          • Jordy

            You’re wrong.
            Inferior tracking?! …maybe with only 1 sensor but if you mount it on ceiling upside down you get room scale tracking without any issues.
            Can Vive use more than 2 tracking sensors? No, AFAIK.
            Vive is heavier than Rift. Yes, it counts if you plan to use it for hours.
            Rift have better image clarity. I don’t mind the god rays.
            Oculus touch is better Vive controllers.
            I wanted the best HMD and I got the Rift, and I never regret it even if i’m still waiting for Touch.

          • Matthew Wetzel

            So, what you’re saying is that if you do a weird roundabout installation of the Rift sensor, it’s better? So by default it isn’t better? Good, I’m glad we agree on that.

            The Vive uses 2 tracking devices, A.K.A. the two lighthouses, so good job on your research.

            The Vive is heavier, you are right, and according to Amazon, it is 0.2 lbs heavier. Boy that is a load of weight! But when you’re right, you’re right…

            I would have to disagree with you on the image quality, they have the same resolution, refresh rate, and FOV, so if you look at the hard facts, you’re wrong on that. And from what I have seen, they are pretty much the same, and people’s preferences are based on subjection, not objective evidence.

            So the Oculus touch controllers are better than Vive controllers, eh? How do you know? The touch isn’t even out yet. Also, you know how much you’re going to pay for the controllers? Probably about $250. The Vive controllers have a haptic feedback touch pad which can be modded to do a whole host of more interactions than the analog joysticks of the Rift.

            So you will be paying pretty much the same price for a system that was delayed, with controllers that are released late, with no original room scale system, and with a company that is just reacting to and copying the systems that Vive has.

            So you have essentially bought an inferior Vive clone. Well, I’m glad you are pleased with your choice. Keep telling yourself you picked the better system. Whatever helps you sleep at night…

          • Jordy

            You are comparing 1 tracking sensor from Rift with 2 from Vive, you know, right? If you mount it like i said 1 Rift sensor = 2 from Vive. Which one is better? Anyway, you will get one more sensor with touch controllers so you can track a larger area with 2.

            The lens are not the same, you get better image quality on Rift and more god rays. The vive have less god rays but lower image quality.

            Oculus sent touch controller to devs, even they are not commercial yet. The price will be about 200€ in Europe, that’s about 222$

            Yes, I agree with you, I will pay about the same price but for a better hardware.

            Rift was out there before any HMD (you heard about DK1, DK2, right?), also touch controllers were designed, tested and listed on site long before vive, so you can say that any HMD it’s a clone of Rift and not vice versa.

            Many people that have both Rift and Vive will keep only the Rift after Touch is out, you will see.

            I never regret that I got the Rift, I hope you can say the same about Vive after Oculus Touch is out too.

          • Matthew Wetzel

            I’m comparing the system as a whole instead of splitting hairs to attempt at a creating a good argument. So pointing out that the only sensor for the Rift is better than 1 of the two sensors of the Vive, boy oh boy, you got me, yet the system as whole is better on the Vive. Who cares if on of the two sensors is worse when the whole system is better on the Vive. Also, how do you know this?

            Both of the images have the screen door effect since they have the same resolution. The screen are pretty much the same, and again you are just splitting hairs about this, when comparing both systems as a whole, in terms of the image quality, they are practically the same. The difference is so minute.

            Saying the Rift was out when it was still in development doesn’t count. A game in Early Access is out until its full release, so this argument point is moot and baseless. And listing a device that hasn’t even been designed yet really makes no difference. Vive beat rift to the market while a whole system, not a piecemeal of parts.

            I also will have to disagree with you on people with both keeping their rifts. People with both are already ditching their Rifts for the Vives. Also not to mention Oculus trying to create another “console war”, which clearly shows that they have an inferior product and just want to keep out any competition with rules instead of with a better product.

  • not a VR game. just fluff