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Everything We Know About Google Glass

Google Glass could be the first product to take augmented reality into the mainstream. The forthcoming minimal head mounted display promises to make our...
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Oculus Rift Developer Kit Arrives at Minecraft Headquarters, Notch Apologizes for Breaking Embargo

Mojang, the company that developed everyone's favorite indie game success story, Minecraft (2011), might be the first in the world to have received the Oculus...

‘PosiTTron’ DIY Oculus Rift Positional Tracking Addon Prototype

This guest article is written by Jordi Batallé, who has been hard at work over the last few months developing a DIY positional tracking solution...

Exclusive: Project Holodeck Hands-on Demo and Interview with Director Nathan Burba [video]

Recently I got a chance to meet up with Project Holodeck director Nathan Burba. Not only did we sit down for a detailed interview,...

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