hardware review

hardware review

PlayStation VR Review: Console VR Has Arrived

PlayStation VR launches on October 13th, but today is review day and we've got a detailed PSVR review ready for you! For those who don't...

HTC Vive Review: A Mesmerising VR Experience, if You Have the Space

We go hands on with Valve and HTC’s new room-scale virtual reality system the Vive and discover that with incredible VR experiences come great real estate...

Oculus Rift Review: Prologue to a New Reality

The Oculus Rift is finally here and with it, the virtual reality industry steps from three consecutive years of 'year zero' to 'year one' for...

Samsung Gear VR Detailed Review: Part Two – Experience, Gameplay Videos, and More

It's been just a few days and I've already been able to wow more people with VR through Gear VR than in the last...

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