VR Game Engine

VR Game Engine

How Unity is Enabling this First Wave of Virtual Reality Experiences

Pete Moss is Unity's "VR Dude" in that he's been a long-time believer and advocate in the cross section between VR and gaming and...

Founder of CNET Launches ‘Voxelus’, a Feature Packed VR World Builder

Halsey Minor, the founder of CNET, today announced at Oculus Connect the launch of Voxelus, an 'end-to-end' virtual reality content creation platform for PC and Mac...

One-on-one Consulting with Epic, Unity, and Oculus Available to VR Devs at Connect

Oculus' forthcoming Connect 2 conference is a resolutely developer focused event and these events, offering 1:1 face-time with experts in both Unity and Unreal...

Autodesk’s New Stingray Game Engine Will Launch with Oculus Rift Support

At GDC Europe 2015, Autodesk has announced that their new Stingray game engine will launch worldwide on August 19th. The engine will support the...

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