‘Chess Club’ Brings Online Chess to Oculus Quest July 1st, Trailer Here

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Chess has exploded in popularity recently, with the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit bringing much attention to the age-old strategy game. Now Odders Lab, the studio behind VR rhythm game OhShape (2019), is set to release its next title Chess Club for Oculus Quest, which brings an immersive spin to the game.

Chess Club is set to be the first on Oculus Store for Quest to exclusively offer online chess, and is said to feature a number of game modes with either AI or online competitors, ranging from classic chess to immersive Holochess-style fight animations. It launches tomorrow, July 1st. You can find the store page here.

The game features support for both Touch controllers and hand-tracking, so you’ll be able to pick up pieces naturally for those long and pensive matches. Check out the feature set below:

Chess Clubs Features

  • Play against a friend or the AI
  • Avatars and Voice IP in online multiplayer
  • Casual and rated matches
  • Track your moves history during a match
  • Different time rules (bullet, blitz, real time, async)
  • 2 environments and set pieces: Grand Palace and Stonehenge
  • Fight animations and sound FX
  • Both Hand tracking and Touch controllers are supported!

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  • david vincent

    Not sure if there is an added value to play chess in VR…

    • Darshan

      Why not if it’s not plain vanilla chess…see some USP

      1. You can play across the globe since it’s online
      2. Chess room and pawns is in 3D space it’s more realistic in grand palace. (Remember not just game but environment of game too matter)
      3. Stonehenge Chess bring new elements of Pawns come to life and perform actions it’s more delightful to watch…
      4. It’s first chess which is not physical pawn yet you can use hands to pick pawn and move.

      Lot of goodies thrown in I believe it should draw good player base.

    • Shawanda Merritt

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