Coatsink Introduces You to the Voices Behind ‘Augmented Empire’ in New Mini-Documentary


Augmented Empire (2017), Coatsink’s cyberpunk RPG, launched earlier this summer exclusively on Samsung Gear VR. Now the studio, which is also known for the Esper puzzle game series, has released a mini-documentary featuring its cast of high-caliber voice actors, including Kate Mulgrew, Nick Frost, and Doug Cockle.

While the mobile VR platform has its graphical limitations, oftentimes its things like storytelling and voice acting that set a game apart from the pack, and Augmented Empire has it in spades. Coatsink’s mini-documentary takes you into the studio to see the actors hard at work, and even hear a bit about their experiences playing their roles.

Featuring Kate Mulgrew as ‘Jules’ (Voyager, Orange is the New Black), Nick Frost as ‘Chris’ (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz), and Doug Cockle as ‘Mund’ (The Witcher: Wild Hunt, Horizon: Zero Dawn), Augmented Empire throws you head-first into New Savannah, a city starkly divided by class.

As the player, you control your team from the armchair of your secluded hideout, all in effort to overthrow the corrupt elite. Controlling several characters through the game’s ‘augmented reality’ interface, you follow the story of the world of top-tier citizen, Willa Thorne, on her journey to lead a team of misfits and criminals to survive the world’s brutal underbelly and callous ruling class.

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We haven’t had a chance to review Augmented Empire, but our friends over at UploadVR gave it a solid [8/10], saying the game is “a rare treat for a mobile VR game in that it offers a ton of content, a compelling narrative, and cleverly designed encounters that really challenge you while maintaining a fun and well-designed gameplay loop.”

Augmented Empire is out now on Samsung Gear VR on for $9.99, £7.99 and €9.99.

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    Looks nice but without headtracking I can’t bear the GearVR anymore.