Coatsink Software, creators of the Esper series, Augmented Empire (2017) and A Night Sky (2017), announced they’re collaborating with Viral series creators Fierce Kaiju on a new VR project scheduled for release in 2018.

Information is still thin on the ground about the project, with no real idea of what to expect at this time genre-wise. There’s no official word on what target platform is lined up either, which as far as announcements go is a fairly strange occurrence. With the upcoming $200 Oculus Go headset around the corner, there’s bound to be a few launch titles worth boasting about, although that’s only healthy speculation. Either way, judging by the pedigree of both studios, whatever results is sure to be worthwhile.

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with such a talented team – and the creators one of our office game night favourites, Viral Quarantine. We can’t wait to show VR fans what we have planned.” said Eddie Beardsmore, COO, Coatsink

“Fierce Kaiju are very pleased to be working with our friends at Coatsink on an all new co-developed VR title. Both Fierce Kaiju and Coatsink have created pioneering VR projects and we have a lot of respect for the Coatsink team and their achievements. We’re building something very special and we can’t wait to reveal more in due course,” Paul Colls, Creative Director and Co-Founder, Fierce Kaiju.

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We’ll be following the development of the project, so check back for more soon.

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