At Oculus’ special press event today, CEO Brendan Iribe announced that the consumer edition of the Oculus Rift VR Headset will ship with an Xbox One controller as standard.

It seems Oculus and Microsoft have gotten quite close over the last few months. Not only will the Oculus Rift be supported natively in the software giant’s forthcoming Windows 10 operating system, Iribe also announced that the Oculus Rift consumer edition will ship with a wireless Xbox One gamepad as standard.

Iribe said that it was important for developers to have a standard target to shoot for when building games and this move would ensure every Oculus Rift owner would have a standard input device right out of the box.

It’s a sensible move on Oculus’ part and as part of their wider partnership with the MS, it makes a lot of sense. Thankfully the input news didn’t stop at that, with Oculus Touch (codename Half Moon) debuting later in the event.

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  • crim3

    What does exactly mean “native support” when applied to an OS? That you don’t need to install the drivers? Or that they are building a completely new user enviroment for VR?

  • Don Gateley

    Will using this controller or utilizing the integrated Windows 10 support either one require the purchase of an Xbox?