Creators of ‘Myst’ & ‘Obduction’ Announce VR Steampunk Adventure ‘Firmament’

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Cyan, the studio behind Myst (1993) and Obduction (2017)announced they’re working on a new steampunk adventure game called Firmament.

The studio is keeping specifics under wraps for now, including target headset, launch date, etc. Cyan calls it a “resplendent, magical, journey — a monumental voyage through four diverse and curious realms, working in concert with an ever-present, clockwork companion, and the support and instruction of a long-dead, ethereal mentor.”

While it’s hard to tell much of anything from the trailer itself, the setting appears to be Cyan’s usual repertoire of raw, open spaces mixed with massive (and puzzling) machinery.

There’s also a mysterious phrase in Latin that appears at the end of the teaser: vitae dilationem afferre requirit firmamentum – or in English, ‘prolongation of life requires support’.

Firmament appears on the list of available demos at GDC 2018 (Mar 19-23), so we’ll probably know more in the next few weeks.

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  • Foreign Devil

    Great to see Cyan focusing exclusively on VR. Whatever they put out I will buy. They must be one of the oldest games company by now.

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    • NooYawker

      Cyan and Code Masters are probably the oldest game companies still around. Bungie and ID came several years after.

  • Miganarchine Migandi

    Obduction was a joy to play if not very hard, Had to keep taking the vive off to look at the cheat on the pancake!

  • Raphael

    Great! Would also like to see the Myst series VR upgraded. Nice to see Cyan embracing VR.

  • mirak

    Please take my money xD

    The Gallery managed to a technically good experience but it really lacked of length and depth, will Obduction like the previous Myst is the real deal.