CREED: Rise to Glory (2018), the VR boxing game from Survios, is about to launch its first free content update soon, which is bringing two new characters to all supported platforms.

Coming November 27th, the free content update is bringing competitors Viktor Drago, son of Ivan “The Siberian Express” Drago, and Adonis Creed’s old Delphi Gym rival Danny Wheeler, portrayed in the films by real life professional boxer Andre Ward.

Image courtesy Survios

The content update is set to release a few days after CREED II debuts in theaters (November 21st), a story that again follows Adonis Creed on his quest to become the light heavyweight champ, this time facing off against Viktor Drago.

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If you’ve seen Rocky IV (1985), you’ll probably familiar with Viktor’s father Ivan Drago (“I must break you.”), the Soviet boxer who killed Adonis’ father Apollo Creed during an exhibition bout.

Both new characters will be available in both PvP mode and freeplay mode, which lets you choose and go up against any fighter on the roster.

CREED: Rise to Glory supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR, is available on Steam (Vive, Rift), the Oculus Store (Rift), and the PlayStation Store (PSVR), priced at $25.

While you wait, check out our in-depth review to find out why we gave a solid [7.7/10].

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    Stopped playing it after first few days of playing it, and back on The Thrill of the Fight. Why? The stupid floating hands when you punch too much. Why the HELL have this in VR? We are not mashing buttons. We are actually punching, so your arms would get sore earlier with LESS conditioning! I sent multiple posts to Survios on Facebook, etc. to FIX this… No response….

  • I do wish CREED had a some options to change the gameplay to make it more hardcore like Thrill of the Fight. Also, sadly few people are playing the mp.

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    Looks like PS2 graphics

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      Clearly you’ve not seen many if any games in VR. It all looks very cool in VR. And simpler/cleaner visuals tend to work much better in VR on the whole too imo. It also actually plays really well too. So there’s all that.

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        Needs to be improvement in VR games, its 2019 not 1993

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            Lackluster content and sales speaks for itself..

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            Clearly you’ve not played some of the best VR games out there. And you obviously don’t know much about sales curves and adoption rates for entirely new paradigm-shifting product categories either.

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    How do you get the updated content?