razer hydra sale deal coupon

Today you can pick up the Razer Hydra for $40, which is 60% off of the retail price, from Woot.com. The Razer Hydra is a motion gaming controller created by our friends at Sixense which offers highly accurate 6 DOF magnetic tracking — many early Oculus Rift developers are using it for immersive virtual reality input.

Head over to Woot.com to pick up a brand new Razer Hydra for $40. There’s no telling when the deal will sell out (and once it does, it’s gone), so be quick about it!

Just for a sense of context, Amazon is currently selling the same unit for $80.

Also to be noted, Razer has been running a ‘VR Promo’ since last month which will net you 50% off the Hydra ($50) or the Hydra Portal 2 Bundle ($70) which comes with a full copy of Portal 2 along with Hydra-exclusive levels. The latter of which is offered by Amazon for $91. The promo expires in little over a week, on April 30th at midnight.

And for those of you in the awkward position of already owning Portal 2 but not wanting to shell out for the Hydra Portal 2 Bundle, Sixense will kindly provide you with the Hydra-exlusive DLC for free when you send them the serial number of your standalone Razer Hydra. Just email them with your request and serial number here.

Hat tip to r/oculus user ‘Hangonasecond’ for pointing out this deal!

Razer Hydra Tuscany Demo

At GDC 2013 I got to play around inside the Oculus Rift Tuscany Demo which Sixense had fitted for full Razer Hydra support:

And now you can get in on the fun even without the Rift; Sixense has released the Oculus Rift Razer Hydra Tuscany Demo which supports standalone Hydra usage and is plenty of fun!

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