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Wearing a brown cardboard box on your face is so 2014. So for the new year, DODOcase’s popular VR smartphone adapter (inspired by Google Cardboard) is getting a splash of color with the help of their new customization tool, letting you drag and drop your own designs and images to make something truly unique—if you only want just one copy, that is.

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Maybe you want to do a little evangelizing for your new VR-centric business, and need something more personal than the traditional eggshell business card (with romalian type) to put in the hands of the ‘right people’. Maybe you just want to make a statement to friends and family. Or maybe there’s some other good reason why you’d need 20 Hello Kitty-themed VR smartphone adapters. Who knows? We’re not judging.

custom cardboard with dodocase
The beginnings of a ‘Road To VR’ custom DODOcase

Whatever it is, DODOcase wants you to have the option with their new Cardboard customization tool. The web-based application is easy to use, letting you select images directly from your hard drive, Facebook, or Instagram, and apply them to the exterior of your very own Cardboard VR smartphone adapter.

DODOcase makes three different product levels available, giving you progressively more external surface area to work with so you can apply your own images or artwork in the best-looking way possible. However at the lowest tier, which costs $29.95, we’re probably only tossing these out to our closest buddies (who will then owe us approximately $30).

And if you’re looking for more than 50 headsets at a time, you’d better contact DODOcase directly and see what sort of cost-savings they can send your way with a bulk order.

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“So where does Google fit into all this? It’s a Google product, right?” you might ask.

Although the pattern for Cardboard was designed by Google, they’ve decided not to manufacture the unit themselves, but have instead allowed companies like DODOcase to tweak their original design and offer extra services. Among DODOcase’s recent improvements on the original design is the inclusion of a capacitive touch mechanism, which takes place of Cardboard’s original magnet slider, and also a larger fit to provide accommodation for phones with a larger form factor, like the iPhone 6.

dodocase design your own cardboard (2)

Considering manufacturers are poised to put their ‘do it yourself’ Cardboard variants into the hands of millions, it’s good to see professional customization finally become a part of the equation, and offer a premium feel that has since gone lacking. Although they’re considered cheap, and disposable solutions that lower the entry barrier for VR, we’re still making room for some limited edition Cardboards in our VR headset showcase for years to come.

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