Tadhg-KellyWhat are the game design considerations for creating a VR experience that will be compelling for not only the primary player, but also the spectators who may be watching it on a livestream with VREAL? This was the big question that I discussed with VREAL’s Director of Developer Relations Tadhg Kelly, who has been collaborating with VR developers to make sure that an experience works for both third-person spectators as well as the primary player.


The precise formula for the ingredients that will make a VR game that’s well-suited for streaming is still unknown, but Tadhg suspects that it should be something that’s fun to play over and over again, and inspires competitions that have a near infinite number of outcomes. There’s also a lot of open questions around what the core competencies of a good VR streamer are going to be, and what existing PC and console streamers can teach VR streamers.

Tadhg and I explore all of what is known about VR streaming so far, and we talk about all of the open questions and make some predictions about the future of VR streaming with VREAL.

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    These guys still haven’t actually launched yet, right?