DiRT Rally VR – 4 Minutes of Oculus Rift Gameplay


DiRT Rally, one of the finest driving games out there, has finally arrived with official Oculus Rift CV1 support and it’s elevated our opinions of the Codemasters developed game even higher. Here’s 4 minutes of direct feed gameplay captured from the new release to give you an idea what it’s like to be at the wheel.

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  • jlschmugge

    I wish when you went off the road or hit a big bump that it would actually shift your view and not keep your head-tracking straight. People may think I’m crazy, but if you want “Simulation’, a little bit of uncomfortable is appropriate. You should be dizzy after a crash, keeps you from doing it again. I have been messing with the settings in the Real Head Tracking for Assetto Corsa. I’ve been finding the G-Force option something to turn on. Yes it makes me sick and uncomfortable, but you-know-what? If I race well it is not an issue. If in real-life i am wobbling the car left and right it won’t feel well, and it’s bad car handling.

    We’ve been so watered down with our comfortable game experiences that it no longer represents real life. Now we have a chance with VR to get that back. Uncomfortability in VR should be a feature if used appropriately.

    • Captain

      Note that you will miss the actual forces that makes you head bump away from the forward position. This difference is probably causing the sickness.
      This is why I think it is unwanted to put this into the game.
      If you want that perfect realism, you probably need to invest in a moving race seat.

  • Jona Adams

    This is probably the best VR experience out right now. So long as you have a steering wheel.

  • Mitt Zombie

    that looks horrible