‘Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders’ Launches Today for Free on Magic Leap One, New Trailer Here


Weta Workshop’s long teased AR shooter, Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders, launches today on Magic Leap One, coinciding with Magic Leap’s first developer conference, L.E.A.P. Con.

We expected to hear plenty about the game at the conference, as it hasn’t ever been publicly demoed before and there would be no better place to give press and developers a first crack—that is until late last week when the company announced it would be coming to all Magic Leap One users at the start of the conference, taking place October 9th – 10th in Los Angeles. And like everything else on headset’s fledgling library of apps, it’s free.

Image courtesy Magic Leap

Arriving with today’s launch of the robot-shooting AR game comes a slick new trailer, showing some of the action through the lenses of the headset.

In the trailer, we get a glimpse at robots spawning through the floor, flying bots coming through the ceiling, and windows opening up to other worlds where robots shoot at you with plasma balls, which you ostensibly have to dodge. Using your open palm, a movement recognized by the headset’s gesture recognition, you can seemingly create a shield to push away incoming bots.

What isn’t seen is the trailer is anything regarding the game’s progression system, weapons besides the ‘Righteous Bison’ (based on a real model), and whether or not the game’s theorized multiplayer function is actually coming.

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The game is the result of a multi-year collaboration between Weta Workshop and Magic Leap, making it one of the a first big investments in premium gaming content for the headset. Apps planned for the headset include Angry Birds AR and a yet unreleased NBA app, so we’re hoping to learn more about the headset’s growing number of apps at this year’s L.E.A.P. Con.

We have feet on the ground in LA, so check back soon for our first impressions of Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders and all things Magic Leap.

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  • dk
  • Fernando Conti

    Nobody cares about the hugely disappointing magic leap.

  • impurekind

    Yeah, basically a wave shooter with your boring living room as the scenery. I don’t really see the appeal, even if the blasting itself is quite fun. Think I’d rather just play something like this in VR, which would be far more immersive and could do far more with the idea, or even on a dedicated gun-game arcade cabinet.

  • jj

    yuo can polish a turd that is a wave shooter, but its still just going to be a wave shooter.
    Basically roboraid for the hololense.

  • Log

    It’s a bad sign when a trailer is only 5% “gameplay”, 95% mediocre acting/b-roll. Looks slightly not fun. However, excited about game design interacting with a player’s environment.

  • ale bro

    is this free content?

    i can’t see anyone paying for this game

  • dk
  • Patrick McKee

    Let’s all be honest this looks like hot shit, and whoever approbed the release of the trailer and whoever made should probably lose thier jobs lol.