Dreams, Media Molecule’s creation-focused game, launched out of Early Access lat week, but without the hotly-awaited addition of PSVR support. Although the studio has spoken very little about its plans to support PSVR in the preceding months, a Video Games Chronicle interview with studio co-founder Mark Healey reveals VR support for Dreams is coming down the bend—notably before multiplayer online support arrives.

Update (February 18th, 2020): Speaking to Video Games Chronicle, Mark Healey said the studio is “currently working on VR, so we’re going to do a VR update with VR content.”

Although there’s no official launch date yet for the dedicated update, Healey says it will arrive “[j]ust as soon as possible. I’ll probably get in trouble if I try and say a date, but literally as soon as possible.”

Critically, multiplayer support for Dreams—or rather the ability to create multiplayer online games and experiences—is slated to arrive after the PSVR update.

Update (February 11th, 2020): In response to UploadsVR’s Jamie Feltham, Media Molecule developer Martin Taylor says in a tweet that the team is “still working on it,” referring to the game’s long-awaited PSVR support.

There’s still no firm launch date for PSVR support, although we’re hoping it won’t be too far behind. Users who didn’t order the game whilst in Early Access will be able to grab the full game on February 14th.

Original Article (December 6th, 2019): Although somewhat confusing, Media Molecule announced that the last day you can purchase the Early Access version of Dreams will be December 8th, which is currently priced at $30.

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There’s no official release date yet of the full version (see update), which we imagine would come with a slight price hike. It’s unclear what updates are planned in the interim, although the studio says that EA players will still be able to play Dreams after the 8th and will upgrade to the full version when it launches for no extra cost.

Media Molecule Communications Manager Abbie Heppe confirmed with Road to VR that Dreams definitely won’t support PSVR at launch, although it is still planned.

Launched into Early Access on PS4 back in April, we were a bit dismayed that the studio didn’t include its long-promised VR support to the list of features, however Dreams was admittedly in an early, and unfinished state.

Heppe says in a PS blog post that on the road to releasing the full version the studio will be adding a non-motion control scheme for the game, helping new players learn to create, more tutorials and how-to content for players, improving existing features like Community Jams, the Homespace and Imp Quests and adding more content, including their “first piece of Mm story-telling in Dreams.”

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  • sfmike

    Well that sucks. They should not have announced PSVR support if they were not really interested in providing it.

    • Fourfoldroot

      Well, they announced pretty much immediately that it wouldn’t be at launch. Not their fault if people don’t pay attention.


    i soliti morti di fame!sempre peggio!sono la rovina della VR!

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  • jjdd

    if you like to create and build in vr as well as program and create interactions. use NeosVR instead of dreams, its great.

    • DanDei

      Yeah, but Neos is made by a single person. The work done so far is impressive but I won’t invest my time into something with such limited developement capacities. New features and improvments will take ages and it will just lag more and more behind the big players untill it is entirely outdated and abandoned.

      • jjdd

        no theres a team for neos

        • DanDei

          Not according to its very own steam page:
          “NeosVR is a project with high ambitions and currently being developed by a single developer with the help of a business partner to handle the runnings of our startup and all the things around it.”

          If that is no longer true they should really change that text, because those one guy projects (while impressive as a personal feat) are complete turnoffs for me and surely a lot of other people, who don’t want to invest the time to learn a toolset that advances with less than 50 developer hours per week.

          • sfmike

            Totally agree. I’m tired of wasting hours creating for projects that get dumped, i.e. High Fidelity.

    • Bolaji Fls Flow

      What is neos VR? and where can i get it

  • namekuseijin

    “still working on it” = “once PS5 is here, it’ll run fine in VR”

    • Minnie

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  • martin

    sweet, as long as its coming.
    looking forward to playing Media Molecule’s “Art’s Dream”

  • jacobpederson

    Translation: they couldn’t get the framerate high enough on base PS4, waiting on PS5 . . .