‘Duck Season’ Releasing on Steam and Oculus Store September 14th, New Gameplay Trailer Here


Duck Season is a first-person adventure game created by Stress Level Zero, developers of multiplayer shooter Hover Junkers (2016). While it’s hard to pin down exactly what sort of game it is with its unique, nostalgia-inducing narrative style and horror elements, we’ll be finding out soon enough, because Duck Season is slated to release on Steam and the Oculus Store on September 14th.

Back at GDC in March, we had a chance to pop into the beautiful spiral into madness that is Duck Season. Playing out between your family home and a realistic version of the Nintendo lightgun classic Duck Hunt (1984), Duck Season departs from the happy-go-lucky ’80s and ’90s gaming staple when the dog, who you invariably always took a shot at for being a smug bastard, would eventually come back to exact his revenge.

Duck Hunt, image courtesy Nintendo

According to Duck Season’s Steam page (Oculus Store link coming soon), the game has seven unique endings, seven mini games to play on your Kingbit Entertainment System (i.e. not-Nintendo), dozens of Easter eggs and hidden secrets, multiple short films found on VHS tapes, and additional mysterious sub-plots.

Check out the full hands-on here.

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