Control VR, the company that offers a solution for tracking the detailed movements of your upper body and fingers,  have managed to whip up quite the storm over an amazingly short period of time.

Ben Lang trying Control VR
Ben Lang trying Control VR

Since their Kickstarter campaign launched a week ago they’ve not only hit their goal of $250k but as of writing have blown past it by $30k – still with another 23 days left on the timer. Additionally, they’ve shown extraordinary confidence in the strength of their product by inviting VR enthusiasts from subreddit /r/oculus to pop over to the office and try it for themselves – this resulted in a series of positive impressions being posted back to reddit and it’s fair to say the company has been welcomed into the VR community.

Ben Lang and Rev. Kyle swung by Control VR’s booth and grabbed some hands-on time with the system (more on this later) and Ben sat down with the company’s CEO Alex Sarnoff and their CTO Ali Kord to dig a little deeper into what the system is all about.

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  • Chris Given

    What I want to know is where do they see the price point for the consumer market? I think if they can get the price down to $200 or less it will sell like hot cakes!!

  • Curtrock

    Very happy to see a company deliver on fingers/hands in VR. Congrats on your Kickstarter success, Control VR.

  • Zach

    Looks great. Curious how a mechanical system will hold up vs a purely optical solution, for both durability and comfort.

    • Curtrock

      @Zach: thanks for posting that link to the LEAP MOTION video. That tech looks incredibly promising. I’m beginning to think that hardware solutions like gloves & controllers are just waypoints on the way to viable VR input. Also, as a STEM backer, I’m a little concerned the tech is getting “Leap” frogged…(pun intended)

  • This looks fantastic, seems like most people who try it have nothing but good things to say. Sure, some slight latency, but sounds like they are working on it. The Kickstarter sure feels like it’s for developers and companies, considering $600 is quite some money for a consumer, but for a mocap system it’s very cheap for a company. I’ll hope they get funded and look forward to a cheaper consumer release :P