We’re back with another snippet of Oculus Rift gameplay taken at Oculus’ private demo booth at E3. This time, the game Oculus VR have been pushing hard at E3 this year, the 3D platformer Lucky’s Friend.

I have to say, the more I see of this title the more I like the looks of it. I said before it resembled a mash up of Mario 64 and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, both on the Nintendo 64 console from years ago, albeit obviously visually much improved. Again, the subtleties of positional tracking are by all accounts solving the blight of 3D platformers, camera issues.

It’s some of the best quality footage I’ve yet seen of the game – despite it being off screen video. We’ll have more detailed impressions of Oculus’ demo set soon.

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  • Just watched this in my DK1, worked very well actually :D Sure makes it easier to appreciate some of the details, even if YouTube does crunch it up with the encoding. The FoV felt a bit small, but the DK1 should have smaller image circles on the panel compared to the DK2 so that makes sense. Looking forward to playing this in a year or so :3