So the Road to VR tradition of Oculus Rift reactions continue. Although this wasn’t the first outing for Oculus Rift’s DK2 hardware at a public show, there’s no arguing that E3 is much more consumer focussed than the DK2’s previous venue, GDC.

So, in the interests of gauging public perception of VR at E3 and the new hardware, Reverend Kyle stalked those who tried it out at Oculus’ opulent booth on the show floor gathering some interesting impressions.

Did you have an opportunity to try the DK” at E3 this year? What were your thought? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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  • Runewell

    I’m glad to hear some people say the simulator sickness from DK1 is gone for DK2. I really enjoy my DK1 content but I am one of those people who seem to get sick from it pretty quickly. I hope the DK2 solves this issue.