sony-logoSony became console land’s great white VR hope at GDC earlier this year when they announced the existence of Project Morpheus, a dedicated VR Headset for the Playstation 4. Along with a re-animation of the dorment Playstation Move controllers, Sony demo’d the system heavily throughout the show and it’s fair to say made a very good impression on us. And, although Sony has been very careful to emphasise the development / prototypical nature of Morpheus, it hasn’t escaped people’s attention that it looks an awful lot like a finished product. Combine that with their declaration they’d been working on the project for years and you start to wonder if Sony isn’t poised for a release of their VR entrant very soon, perhaps even this year.

We’re hoping to hear from Sony when Morpheus may go on sale and perhaps even a look at what they plan to release to consumer. In addition, look out for games made exclusively for Project Morpheus at the show and perhaps the appearance of standard games with VR functionality announced during the conference. None of the former of course is confirmed, but we’d be surprised Sony would make such a huge splash at GDC without following up on it at E3. We shall see.

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  • Morpheus in its current state is good enough to get me to commit to the PS4/Move/Morpheus ecosystem. Want!