Here’s our roundup of news from E3 day 3. We go hands on with newly announced PSVR titles Moss and The Impatient. Archangel and Sparc for PSVR get a release dates, more details of Gran Turismo Sport‘s VR support are revealed and we go hands on with Kopin’s 2k per eye, super lightweight microdisplay VR headset.

No Heroes Allowed! VR gets Western release:

image courtesy Sony Japan Studio, Acquire

While it missed the main ‘PlayStation VR Game’ segment of Sony’s keynote, another PSVR title was announced at E3 this week – the quirky Japanese real-time strategy game with the unusual title V! What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? R will see a Western release, named No Heroes Allowed! VR. The game is due to launch this Fall, although there is no firm date at this time.


Mech Shooter Archangel coming first to PSVR:

image courtesy Skydance Interactive

Skydance Interactive’s first original VR title Archangel, which is being developed for all major VR platforms, will launch first on PSVR. The high-intensity mech shooter arrives in July, with an exclusive two-week window on PlayStation VR before coming to Vive and Rift.


Hands-on with PSVR game Moss:

image courtesy Polyarc

One of the 5 brand new VR games shown during Sony’s E3 keynote, Moss was perhaps the most striking. We’ve now had some hands-on time with Polyarc Games’ adorable platformer. The 15 minute demo covered 5 puzzle-laden areas and some combat, and our first impressions are very positive.


Sparc receives timed exclusivity on PSVR:

The VR sports game from CCP Games, famous for developing Eve Online, and VR spinoffs Eve: Valkyrie and Gunjack was expected to launch on Vive, Rift and PSVR this year. However, Sparc is now confirmed to be launching exclusively on PSVR ‘first’ in Q3 2017.

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Hands-on with PSVR game The Inpatient:

image courtesy Supermassive Games

We tried a short demo of newly-announced VR title The Inpatient, one of two new PSVR games from Supermassive Games. The psychological horror game is set in the Blackwood Sanatorium featured in Until Dawn (2015), with the demo showcasing some ‘intensely human-like character animations and excellent voice acting’.


Gran Turismo Sport shown on PSVR with significant limitations:

image courtesy Polyphony Digital

Sony’s flagship racing simulator was given a shiny new trailer for E3 this week, along with a newly-adjusted release window of Fall 2017. While not the first time Polyphony Digital’s upcoming racing sim has been shown running on PSVR, the game’s VR mode has been confirmed to be limited to 1v1 offline racing.


Kopin shows high resolution, lightweight VR headset prototypes:

Photo by Road to VR

And in non-PSVR news… microdisplay and optics manufacturer Kopin is at E3 touting a new prototype headset featuring ‘Lightning’, a 1-inch display with 2,048 x 2,048 per-eye resolution and running at 120Hz. A great benefit of using microdisplays is the resultant headset form factor, which is far more compact and lighter than any current consumer design. It remains to be seen whether this size of display can combine effectively with lenses to achieve a large, immersive FOV for VR.

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  • VR deluxe

    Please give an in depth review for the kopin headset. All these game releases are worthless to us with the current low resolution HMD’S

    • Ian Shook

      They did. I mean it wasn’t a working model – but they reviewed it as much as they could.