A version of Echo VR, the zero-G multiplayer Rift game from Ready at Dawn Studios, is coming to Oculus Quest later this year. The game went into open beta on Quest last week without the ability to play with Rift owners, however that changes starting today as the game takes one step closer to launch with the addition of Rift crossplay.

Update (May 13th, 2020): Ready at Dawn has announced that it’s merged both the Rift and Quest version of Echo Arena, the zero-G sports game. This includes 4v4 public matches.

Update (May 6th, 2020): Ready at Dawn has launched the Echo VR open beta. At the time of this writing, crossplay with Rift is still unavailable, however the studio says in an update that it should arrive sometime soon.

Echo Arena has been free on Rift since its initial launch in 2017, and we suspect when it officially launches on Quest via Echo VR later this year that it should be free there too.

Update (April 30th, 2020): Developer Ready at Dawn today announced a shift in its approach to the Echo VR Quest beta strategy. Starting May 5th, the company will open the Echo VR beta to all Quest users, and keep it open until the game’s full launch later this year.

The studio said the decision was prompted by realizing how important VR has been for the studio itself to stay connected while working remotely.

With our work from home situation forcing us to be disconnected physically, VR has allowed us to reconnect in a new way, not only with our teammates, but also with the community at large. We are therefore making our upcoming Open Beta for Echo VR on Oculus Quest available to everyone until the official launch later this year. Starting Tuesday, May 5th, we invite you to join us and collaborate with everyone at RAD, in continuing to build Echo VR on Quest.

The original article, which highlight the studio’s prior plans for staggered beta windows, continues below.

Original Article (April 8th, 2020): In the game’s next closed alpha, the studio will be including select players ranging from levels of 5 – 49, as the first wave of participants admitted to the initial closed alpha stage were picked from a pool of Level 50 players.

At the conclusion of the closed alphas, a closed beta will begin. The studio says that all players who signed up for testing will join existing community testers from the previous phases, and that testers will be able to access Tutorials, VS. AI, the Lobby, and the ‘Echo Arena’ game itself.

Image courtesy Ready at Dawn

Unlike the Rift version, it appears Echo VR for Quest will only include ‘Echo Arena’, the VR sports game, and not ‘Echo Combat’, the team-based shooter. Both are accessible on Rift under the Echo VR umbrella launcher, with ‘Echo Arena’ provided as a free game whilst ‘Echo Combat’ requires an in-app purchase of $10 to play. ‘Echo Arena’ is said to provide cross-play between Quest and Rift.

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After the final invite-only phase concludes, a general open beta will begin which anyone can take part in.

Exactly when all of this will take place still isn’t certain; the studio says more info will be shared in subsequent blog posts and that dates have been omitted “to more easily flow between phases and pivot when necessary.”

If you’re interested in taking part of any part of testing Echo VR on Quest, head over to the registration form here.

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  • alxslr

    Good news for multiplayer VR. Those of us with a Rift and a Quest will finally be able to play family and friends Echo Arena matchs

  • Great. But from the roadmap it seems they’ll require various months to launch. Looking at the Gantt, it seems the launch is going to happen in 4-9 months

  • PJ

    Wireless freedom will transform this game, it could and should be huge

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  • Jacob Carlson

    Free crossplay stuff like this makes it a lot easier to play with some friends!