Elite Dangerous (2015), the open universe MMO space simulator from Frontier Games, is getting a new chapter soon which will include a new ship, a few new mechanics, and improvements to existent systems. Frontier today announced Beyond – Chapter One will be launching for free to all Elite Dangerous players on all platforms on February 27.

Chapter One is the first update to Elite Dangerous’ third season, Beyond, following the Thargoids assault on humanity’s starports which took place in Horizonsthe game’s second season.

According to a Frontier forum post, the studio will be bringing four Beyond updates to Elite Dangerous which they say will focus on “adding new content, uncovering and progressing the mysteries of the galaxy and enhancing existing core gameplay experiences.”

Elite Dangerous supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam, and for Rift on Oculus Home. As for traditional monitors, ED supports PS4, XBOX, and PC.

Frontier says they’ll have a more detailed rundown on all of the changes coming in the 3.0 Update on their forum in the near future. Here’s the current list of features coming in Beyond – Chapter One:

  • New Ship: Chieftain – Elite Dangerous Horizons Commanders will also be able to take to the stars in the new Alliance Chieftain, designed not only to dish out punishment, but to avoid it. Manufactured by Lakon Spaceways, the Chieftain is more maneuverable than ships of similar size and weight, and its combat profile means it can more than hold its own in a fight.
  • Improved Core Mechanics – Chapter 1 of Beyond will bring improvements to some of Elite Dangerous’ core mechanics, including accessibility enhancements to the engineering mechanics, an overhaul of mission rewards and big changes to Crime and Punishment. We’ll be sharing more information on the changes to Crime and Punishment, and the Engineers in a future post here on the forums and in the livestreams mentioned above.
  • Wing Missions – Chapter 1 of Beyond will give you the chance to take on wing missions with your fellow Commanders, sharing both the efforts and rewards. 
  • Revised Trade Data – Commanders will now be able to access trade data from systems they have previously visited, in order to make more informed decisions when shipping goods across the Milky Way. 
  • Planetary Visual Improvements – Chapter 1 also includes the first of the planetary visual improvements coming as part of the Beyond series of updates (with more surface level improvements coming later in the year) bringing a new vibrancy to the Elite Dangerous galaxy. 
  • GalNet Audio – With the introduction of GalNet Audio, you will be able to catch up on the latest news from across the galaxy without ever leaving the action. 

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  • theonlyrealconan

    I always had high hopes for this game. But just more grind and shallowness. Shame.

    • Raphael

      You can improve on the shallowness with therapy. It’s not something you’re born with.

  • Miganarchine Migandi

    As a game I have no interest but to play in VR for an hour is often a thrill and Awe inspiring, Will be interested in the Gal Net audio, may make it seem more immersive than just a empty space.

  • Holger Fischer

    This is one of the games that is perfect for VR. The grind is less grindy when it is so much fun doing a simple cargo run. Sneaking into a conflict zone with attacking Targoids – spine crawling. Looking forward to the update and will make sure that my next Hotas has more buttons ;o)

    • Alice

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  • dextrovix

    Such a great title for showcasing VR interface and design from a cockpit viewpoint, as well as just the awe-inspiring views of each system in the galaxy!

    Looking forward to some prettier planets to have a look at in this update, and can’t wait to get my SRV on the surface of some of them!

    I never play outside of VR and spend a lot of time on missions and particularly passengers recently. However, I’ve now tried the Chieftain from the 3.0 beta so I’ll be getting one on release, and heading out for some more combat-orientated opportunities… ;)

    • Raphael

      A friend a mine was so impressed with ED when he tried it on my VR PC he bought a Hotas the next day. It’s a game I keep going back to even though it involves a lot of jumping between systems. Part of what makes me return is the knowledge that the game has a full development program and won’t be abandoned at any moment (Eve Valkyrie).

  • Peter Hansen

    I don’t understand those games anymore. I have bought it and it wasn’t exactly cheap. I even bought a hotas setup for it. And now with this season stuff I have to pay continuously to remain able to play it? You gotta be kidding me.

    • Grey Lock

      I think you might be confusing Elite Dangerous with another game.

      The base game is on sale for less the $8 very often (again just last week,) with the full game (with Horizons DLC) on sale for less than $30, so it is cheap compared to other AAA games.

      And if you purchased the full game (with Horizons) like I did in 2016, you have received all the new content for free, including this year’s Beyond season.

      • Peter Hansen

        That’s good then. I think I don’t understand this whole “season” bs. I have bought a game and can play it endlessly. That is what I want. Wtf is a season? Is that the new name for the time period between two updates? Well then PUBG is in its… 10th season? LMAO

        • Raphael

          Seasonal updates were originally gonna be paid… that didn’t go down well. No more fees after buy now. Star Citizen is the same. Buy once.

  • Grey Lock

    I truly enjoy playing this game which is awesome in VR, but after playing for 18 months I’m very glad this new update is coming out next week to add new things to do and see! Also looking forward to the big update coming in the fall (also free with Horizon’s DLC.)

    PS – If you enjoy playing Elite and live near Boston, check out Frontier’s Meet-up (more on their forums) scheduled for April 5th – hope to see you there CMDRs!