Elite: Dangerous is getting support for Valve’s flagship VR headset the HTC Vive later this year. What’s more, if you’re in the UK and heading to this week’s EGX 2015 show, you’ll have a chance to try it out.

Elite: Dangerous from Frontier Developments has been somewhat of a benchmark in virtual reality ever since it’s DK2 implementation last June. It remains one of the best examples of seated virtual reality out there, so any news of changes or additions to it is usually of note to VR enthusiasts.

So, the news that Frontier have now confirmed HTC Vive support for the title, to be included before the close of the year, should come as a nice surprise for many. It’s one of the only pre-existing titles which has pledged to do so and is a big coup or both Valve and HTC. Details on how the support will be implemented are at this point slim, but given the cockpit-bound nature of the title, and it’s reliance on tightly integrated traditional controls, it’s possible that this will be headset only Vive experience – although, you never know.

Also, should you be attending the UK’s biggest gaming show this week, EGX 2015, you have a chance to snag a demo with the Valve’s VR hardware and Elite: Dabgerous, at least according to a tweet from Frontier this appeared recently.

EGX 2015 is increasingly looking like a great show for virtual reality, with the newly re-christened PlayStation VR (formerly Project Morpheus) available for the public to try alongside Valve’s VR wonder. Signup’s for HTC Vive demo’s went live on Friday with registrations now supposedly closed. PlayStation VR demo registrations also went live last week.

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There are still a few tickets left for EHX 2015 which starts on Thursday 24th and runs for 4 days out of the Birmingham NEC in the UK, so head over and grab some before they disappear.

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