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‘Escape Simulator’ is Bringing 8-player Co-op Escape Rooms to VR Next Month in Free Update

Pine Studios, the team behind the Escape Simulator franchise on PC, announced its bringing SteamVR headset support to the studio’s hit title next month.

Update (March 18th, 2024): While we thought Escape Simulator was set to be a standalone title, Pine Studios however announced it’s bringing VR support as free DLC to the base game on Steam, coming April 2nd. Starting April 14th, the game will be re-priced from $15 to $20.

“We believe this approach is not only more fair to our players but also addresses technical challenges, making maintenance more manageable for our small team,” the studio says in a news update. “Experience your favorite puzzles and adventures in a completely immersive VR environment, at no extra cost. This major update brings a new depth to the gameplay, making your escapes more thrilling than ever.”

The studio hasn’t made any mention of native Quest support, however it has released a new trailer for the VR update. The original article follows below.

Original Article (June 8th, 2023): Called Escape Simulator VR, the game is slated to bring both solo and online co-op, the latter of which supports up to eight players. Pine Studios says however two to three players is the best number for its swath of escape rooms, with is said to include 25 original rooms made in collaboration with real-world escape room designers.

Here’s how Pine Studios describes it:

Following the unprecedented success of the original version Escape Simulator VR was rebuilt from the ground up to be a comfortable and highly immersive VR experience. Pick up and examine everything, break objects, solve locks, and decipher puzzles to escape! After finishing the main game, watch for free content updates and explore 3000+ rooms built by the community.

The game is said to include all standard locomotion types such as teleport, smooth move, controller-based movement, and being able to be played in the full room-scale setting. There is also snap-turning, seated, and stationary mode.

Since it’s a VR version of the studio’s original Escape Simulator (2021), the studio is also promising cross-platform co-op. Escape Simulator VR is coming to SteamVR headsets and Quest 2/3 “soon” the studio says. You can wishlist it now on Steam here.

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