Espire 1: VR Operative (2019) launched late last year on all major VR headsets, offering up some very Metal Gear Solid style stealth action to VR players. Now developers Digital Lode have announced a major update, called ‘Assimilation’, which is slated to bring to the game a host of new weapons, challenges, and features next week.

Launching on May 5th, the update will be available on all supported platforms, which includes Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows VR headsets, and PSVR.

Check out the changes coming to the game below:

New Weapons

  • Vector SMG: This semi-auto weapon is an excellent choice for mid-range combat, providing for accurate and quick bursts of controlled fire with one bullet firing upon the first trigger press and the last bullet firing upon release. With an extended clip of 45 rounds and very low recoil, it is the weapon of choice for the new “SMG” weapon challenge mode.
  • Sawed-off Shotgun: Get up close and personal with this new shotgun, boasting a wider spread fore close quarters combat. Its compact design allows for the shotgun to be holstered as either a sidearm or primary weapon — and reloads via magazine clip instead of individual shells.
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New Virtual Challenge Game Modes: Experienced Espire agents can also look forward to three new Virtual Challenge game modes, featuring new stealth gameplay not featured in the campaign. These new Virtual Challenges focuses on Weapon mastery, Climbing, and Intel gathering stealth skills essential to completing missions quickly and efficiently. Test your skills against players around the world with an improved leaderboard.

Weapon Challenges: Run, weave, duck, climb, jump and zipline your way through seven courses designed to test your mastery with each weapon class. Rack up the highest combo while eliminating static, moving and explosive targets, as well as enemy combatants in order to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Climbing Challenges: Overcome climbing puzzles where speed and timing is paramount to completing the course with the highest score. Make sure to avoid getting squashed by the fast-moving crushers!

Intel Challenges: Explore four completely new environments. Locate and hack intelligence from all workstations in the area, and reach the extraction point. This game mode builds on the core Espire gameplay from the campaign.

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  • doug

    semi-auto means one bullet per trigger pull. a semi-auto autoloads the next round, but doesn’t fire it until the next trigger pull. SMGs are full-auto, and pistol caliber. MGs are full auto, and rifle caliber.

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    they really should’ve invited David Hayter over

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    anyway, ready for this…