‘EVE: Valkyrie Warzone’ Update Adding Non-VR Mode and PS4/PC Cross Platform Play


One of the earliest big exclusive releases for VR, EVE: Valkyrie from CCP Games, continues to evolve and with the latest free expansion dubbed ‘Warzone’ the developers have opened its particular brand of slick online space shooter to players without a VR headset whilst also allowing anyone across both PC and PS4 platforms, with or without a headset to play together.

I first encountered EVE: Valkyrie (up to then known as EVE-VR) back at Gamescom in 2013 and at the time, still years from the release of a commercial VR headset, it represented one of the first glimpse at what a triple-A made-for-VR title could offer. The game was to be a spin off of sorts from CCP Games’ extremely successful MMO EVE Online.

Fast forward to 2017, we have multiple VR headsets on the market and a version of Valkyrie now graces all of them in one form or another. EVE: Valkyrie however has remained a VR exclusive title throughout, at least until now.

CCP Games have today announced that with their latest free expansion pack, dubbed ‘Warzone’, the company are opening up the game’s satisfying space combat to those without VR headsets with the game now playable on vanilla PC and PS4 setups. What’s more, those players can choose to play with one another across platforms and choose (or not) to play in VR if they wish too. It’s an impressive show of continuing commitment to the company’s banner VR title but perhaps also a sign that the VR gaming market has not grown quite as fast as the company might have liked.

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Image courtesy CCP Games

The new expansion will be available from September 26th and, as stated, is free of charge for owners of the game on either PS4 or PC.

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  • Robert Cummings

    I just wish they’d build a single-player campaign into the game.

    • Tyler Soward

      dude me too

    • Raphael

      Why? It’s an online fast arena game. It’s built for fast arena combat. Capture the flag and deathmatch should give you a clue.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        Well, so is CoD and Battlefield 1, and they have single player campaigns. Let’s not forget, it could be a bit like the old X-wing/T-fighter games..

        • Raphael

          Last time i played cod it was mw 2 or something. I loved cod 2 ww2 single player. That campaign was so long i never reached the end.

          Eve Valkyrie focuses on competitive online which gives it longevity. Single player is dead once you complete it unless they keep adding new. Basically what you’re saying is that all games like this should be single player too. I think its OK to have an online only game. Battlefield 3… I got bored playing through the single player. I loved the online. And I’m someone who prefers offline games mostly.

          • Robert Cummings

            I enjoy lots of online-only games, I don’t have a problem with them at all (been enjoying Bridge Crew quite a bit lately), but there’s also nothing wrong with wishing for a story-based campaign built on an awesome engine.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Yeah, still hoping for a remake of the old x-wing/t-fighter games (with ALL the missions), still one of the best space-sims ever.

      • Robert Cummings

        I was holding out hope for Star Citizen filling that void, but who knows what’s happening with that thing.

        • Joel Miroi

          Anyone who choses to know since they’re literally showing you everything that’s happening in development.

  • theonlyrealconan

    I will probably still wait for a bigger sale, but I am glad they allow flight stick now, cross platform (steam servers are dead), and none VR (I like to take breaks from the vive and get tired of the SDE). Like the others, wish they would have more single player to go with it though. I especially don’t feel a rush since Elite Dangerous covers all of this and more.

    • Raphael

      Eve isn’t right for you. It’s an online multiplayer dogfighter with capture the flag and deathmatch… It’s like complaining about eve online lacking singleplayer or world of warcraft.

      Elite dangerous is slow paced combat. Totally different type of game. Don’t know why you’d make that comparison but I’ve noticed many seem to get confused just because both games are set in space.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        Not everybody want’s to play online multiplayer games (due to cheating or just not good enough), and singleplayer campaigns can give the game a longer life (as once there aren’t any servers around, you’ll still be able to play it). Because it’s dogfight doesn’t mean it can’t have singleplayer campaign, in the old days we had many dogfight flightsims which didn’t even have multiplayer but a nice singleplayer campaign. Or look at the old X-wing/T-fighter games, which are also kinda dogfight and had excellent single player (would LOOOOVVVEEEEE, to see those remade with current tech, but with all the original missions and some new ones).

        • Raphael

          Yup. I actually like single player games for the most part but when i played battlefield 3 and counterstrike source it was purely for the online. I got bored playing through bf3 single player even though it was visually stunning. I had so much fun with bf3 online back in 2012.

          Single player doesn’t have longevity though. Once you complete it the game is dead. Not so with multi.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            Well, it can also be said the other way round: multiplayer doesn’t have longevity, once the servers go down, the game is dead. not so with single..
            I do replay singleplayer games (ofcourse not right away, but years after). But I have enough multiplayer games which I really liked but are dead because the creators shut it down or there just weren’t any servers around anymore (or it was filled with cheaters).

          • Raphael

            Yup.. That’s true also. Ideally a game will have online and offline.

            I disagree when those who compare Valkyrie to elite though. More accurate to compare it to unreal tournament.

  • Raphael

    Nice to see another free expansion coming.