AllSeated, an event planning and coordination platform, has launched a new VR tool which allows for one to one visualization of floorplans and venues for high end event planning.

AllSeated’s new VR visualization tool allows for virtual walk through a venue before locking down plans, offering up a better perspective of what the venue will look like once everything comes together. Currently, over 100 venues are enabled for the new VR platform, AllSeated says, and projects having more than 1,000 venues in their VR library by 2019.

Application of VR in event planning is meant to improve a client’s overall experience. Event spaces are rendered in VR from floor plans to allow for these walkthroughs. The Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York City is among the venues using AllSeatedVR, which shows a 3D recreation of the hotel’s event venue, letting clients explore the space and their specific preferences. While the art style isn’t exactly photorealistic it still gives a good representation of the space and how it would look set up for an event to the client’s specifications.

AllSeated claims to have the capability to customize every detail of a specific event space such as furniture choices, colors, table linens and placeware, and ornament designs. This is meant to allow a client to fully see the space well in advanced of an event to allow for planned adjustments rather than the day of an event. The application is compatible with a range of VR headsets specifically noted are the Oculus Go, Gear VR, and Vive.

AllSeated believes their VR visualization tool will help venues increase their odds of converting clients compared to traditional visualization.

“Virtual reality has been around for a long time, but the introduction of amazingly capable wireless headsets at the $200-400 price range […] makes them finally ripe for mass market adoption.” said Yaron Lipshitz, AllSeated CEO. “With 20 years of gaming experience, our development team easily determined how VR could revolutionize the event industry, in areas such as sales and marketing, vendor selection, event planning, collaboration, and ultimately search and discovery.”

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Alongside the VR components, AllSeated also includes seating charts, the ability to track RSVPs and menu choices, timeline creation, task lists for vendors, and offers guest mobile check-in. Venue clients can access event layout and design, invite collaborators, and customize details while using a VR headset as though they were at the venue themselves. This form of event planning is meant to make the process more time and cost effective for planners and provide clients a more enjoyable planning experience.

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  • dogtato

    nice fit, I can see this actually being really useful. moreso than trying a hedge trimmer in vr.

  • kool

    They need to do a VR recreation of the hotel docks and back hallways too. They always send pieces too big to fit in the ballroom.

  • cirby

    “You have tables and chairs between the video projector and the screen.”

    “Well, they fit…”

  • oompah

    pics look plasticy
    when will everyone do ray tracing?
    Hey u all VR developers
    without ray tracing,
    any VR experience is a dud
    dead on arrival
    ok if not now at least u can
    do ray trace the individual objects
    separately and place these in ur