Bethesda Softworks today announced during their E3 2016 press conference that VR versions of both Fallout 4 and Doom will be coming to VR headsets.

Teased on stage at the pre-E3 event, Fallout 4 is said to arrive for the HTC Vive in 2017. Bethesda is staying mum on any specifics for now. It’s unsure whether this is ground up, built-for-VR experience or a VR adaptation.

No specific headset or release date was remarked for Doom, making this much more of a tease than an announcement.

Bethesda will be showing both Doom and Fallout 4 VR editions at their booth at E3 2016.

Check back soon for more info in the coming days as we cover all things VR at this year’s E3.

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  • towblerone

    Best news out of E3 ever. Holy freakin’ hell.

  • mellott124

    Please let it have real first person movement.

    • wheeler

      Yes please. Hope they at least give us the option for artificial locomotion.

  • Anders Öhlund

    It sounded as if the Doom thing was an “experience” and not the actual game. FO4 however was confirmed to be the entire game. The demo they had was apparently basically just a saved game at a good spot for demoing stuff. Todd said you could technically wander off into the rest of the game if you really wanted to.

  • Me

    That made me pull the trigger: HTC vive just ordered !

  • Tyrus Gail

    First good VR news for a year. For that I can buy Rift/VIVE. Not for games from smartphone.

  • PoTemos Comunismo

    They said only about Htc Vive…

    • Torben Bojer Christensen

      I noted that too in the announcement:

      According to vrupload: “It’s unclear whether the Oculus Rift is included in plans for either game. Bethesda is owned by Zenimax, which sued Oculus after original Doom programmer John Carmack left another Zenimax company, Id Software, to become CTO at the startup”

      Even though Oculus deserves it on behalf of their own trashy conduct on the matter I do by principle sincerely hope they will come to the Rift as well. To hell with VR exclusivity unless it is on behalf of functionality!

      • Chris Esposito

        Upload is biased and favor HTC for some unknown Reason.

        It will be available for rift as well .
        If it’s gonna be one steam it will be available to rift owners as well.
        Remember Valve sell software, not hardware….exclusivity doesn’t make sense when you want to sell as much as you can.
        Oculus invests in exclusivity because they want to sell their hardware as well.
        Valve could care less if HTC was to fall, they’ll collaborate with someone else

        • Matt R

          Well someone has to balance out RtoVR’s bias towards Oculus

          • Chris Esposito

            Well Uppload VR should be thankful for RtoVR because all it did for the first six months was copy RtoVR articles in other words. Lol

          • Chris Esposito

            Seriously though , I thin k RtoVR is one of the more balanced news sources

          • Matt R

            VRFocus is better but for the best VR news source…Reddit all day long.

    • visual

      People have a total misunderstanding about Rift vs Vive. They make it about the headset, not the ecosystem. The title will be a SteamVR title, which includes Rift+Touch. It’s a non-news revelation. If you have a Rift+Touch Fallout 4 VR will work just fine. Vive owners are pushing an agenda that ignores that.

      • PoTemos Comunismo

        They said that they are gonna release in Vive… You are the one who is misundertand

        • visual

          No misunderstanding here. Being tagged as a Vive title on Steam = room scale configuration plus VR hand controllers. Which is what SteamVR + Rift + Touch enables. Valve themselves enable that feature parity within SteamVR.

          • PoTemos Comunismo

            Keep dreaming… They said Htc vive not what you are saying…

          • visual

            So, you’re saying it’s not a SteamVR title and it won’t be on Steam? You’re further saying that SteamVR titles on Steam labeled Vive do not work with Rift+Touch? Care to substantiate that? Don’t spread around misinformation.

            I play several Vive only tagged SteamVR titles with my Rift+Hydra. My question is have you and do you actually know what you’re talking about?

          • PoTemos Comunismo

            They said “its going to be in Vive in 2017″… They said nothing about Oculus and Zenimax is angry with Oculus…

            There a lot Steam games that dont work with Oculus… If Bethesta only supports the Vive controllers Fallout its not gonna work with Touch…

            I hate Oculus shit politics… They got from his own medicine.

          • visual

            I use several Vive only titles on SteamVR. Not sure what you keep on going on about. It’s like you have no idea what you’re talking about but since you have a Vive you don’t want anything tagged Vive to work with Rift. *facepalm* Your wants aren’t reality at the moment.

          • PoTemos Comunismo

            I dont mind what shitty HMD you got… The fact is that Zenimax dont have a good relacionship with Oculus and that in the conference they said “its going to be for Vive in 2017″… If you want to keep dreaming is your problem.

            The fact is this, obviously you got a headset and you want to use it with this game, so you are not partial… The facts are there, we have to wait and see, your fact “is going to work in Oculus” is your biased thinking… In reddit forums people is not as sure as your are.

          • visual

            Ok, tell me what SDK Bethesda is using with the Vive that isn’t SteamVR? There is track record through personal experience that anything SteamVR works with Oculus+Hydra and by that extension will work with Oculus+Touch. If Bathesda uses SteamVR as their SDK, it’ll work regardless of Bathesda’s intent.

          • PoTemos Comunismo

            You are asuming that SteamVR cant detect your HMD… I dont know, but you are asuming too much… If they dont want it to run, its not gonna run…

          • visual

            Show me a SteamVR Vive only title in existence that doesn’t work on Rift+Hydra. It’s not about you or Bethesda. It’s about Valve and SteamVR SDK that enables it by default.

          • PoTemos Comunismo

            Ok, this a no sense… Fallout confirmed for Vive… Not confirmed yet for the Wheelchair simulator (Oculus). Have a nice day.

          • visual

            It’s people like you that give VR a bad name with misinformation. Apparently you have sand in your vagina about SteamVR and Rift use.

          • BlackMage

            You seem to misunderstand how the technology works… Vive runs on the OpenVR API, which supports any headset and has an open API for motion controllers. A “Vive exclusive” title can run on a DK2 using Razer Hydra controllers with 0 hacks, Steam does in fact auto detect them during SteamVR setup.

            Confirming it is a Vive title means it will be focused to standing up in a room with motion controllers which is the key takeaway here. As long as you can duplicate that environment it doesn’t matter what hardware you use. The experience will probably be better with the Vive as it is the key focus, but it doesn’t mean exclusivity.

          • Many games were stated to be console only then a PC version pops up.(Watch FF7 Remake/FFXV show up on PC).

            No one truly knows anything. They are only 1000% sure about a Vive release.

            But they did not say Vive only :)

          • Ned Hoon

            Its not Oculus but folks like yourself who seem to have doubts about their purchase and need to justify it to everyone who are the cancer in VR gaming.

          • PowerSenpai

            Can i reiterate this for you? You might be right that it will be made for the Vive, but Vive “exclusive” games can be played using an oculus rift because of the way the tech and development works. You might need some additional software to make it work 100% but the experience is not far off.

            Hope this info helped :)

          • visual
          • Jim Cherry

            calm down lets just wait till oculus touch comes out then if Bethesda says nothing we’ll know its not officially supported. Also I’m sure if there’s demand people will find a way to make it work.

          • yag

            Wow I missed that, so my Hydra is not dead yet ! Which SteamVR titles would you recommend me (which work well with the Hydra) ?

      • Torben Bojer Christensen

        Steam is platform neutral, even though they partner the Vive, but the game developers are necessarily not.

        …As it is you will find games on Steam today that are Rift or Vive compatible only.

        It is much like not every game is gamepad og joystick compatible. It has to be programmed into the game. For instance the vive controllers and the Rift touch are not the same, the same goes among other things for the HMD’s aspect ratio. Basically it’s all up to Bethesda and their goodwill and programming.

        Personally I both hope and suspect it will end up being released compatible with both systems. …After all there is [more] money to be made as such!

  • Matt R

    Best news ever.

  • Adam Armstrong

    If Bethesda says “Vive”, then Vive I go, vale PSVR.

  • Desertwhale

    Is this going to be a new title I will have to purchase, or will it patch my fallout 4 I already own?