You might have caught a glimpse of the Feelreal mask prototype when it made headlines back at GDC 2015, the smell-o-vision add-on for VR headsets that promised to bring plenty of scents to your nostrils and haptics to your face. Today the company announced that Feelreal is definitely for real, and coming to consumers via a Kickstarter soon.

Feelreal contains what the company calls a “scent generator” that holds replaceable cartridges with nine individual aroma capsules, generating scents such as burned rubber, gunpowder odor, lavender and mint.

The company however is planning to provide a storefront of different 255 scents so users can mix and match as they please, all of them designed by Kiev-based perfumer, olfactologist, and perfume critic Bogdan Zubchenko.

Image courtesy Feelreal Inc.

“We’ve chosen distinct scents​ that accurately simulate the atmosphere​ of games and movies. Feelreal aromas are safe to inhale and are similar to those used in the food industry,” the company claims on their website.

The unit also incorporates a few haptic devices including an ultrasonic ionizing system for water mist, micro-heaters for heat sensation, micro-coolers for wind, and haptic motors for vibration.

Image courtesy Feelreal Inc.

Feelreal is designed to fit Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, Oculus Go and Gear VR, and connects to the headset via Bluetooth or WiFi. The unit, which comes in white, grey and black, attaches to VR headsets via magnetic mounts that allow for easy removal and scent replacement. An on-board battery promises four hours of battery life.

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The company is advertising out of the box support for games such Skyrim VRBeat Saber, and Death Horizon, as well as their own catalog of experiences called Feelreal Dreams that highlights the mask’s various features. Users will also be able to watch 360 videos with the Feelreal player and experience supported videos, the company says.

There’s no word on exactly when the Kickstarter is due to arrive, although early adopters can now sign up for updates on the company’s website, and receive what the company calls “a substantial early bird discount” when the crowdfunding campaign goes live.

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    Just LOL

  • Rudl Za Vedno

    Looking good man, looking just fine. Maybe sticking wireless 5G antennas into his ears would look even better.

  • Xron

    Haha, well, its nice to see first tries in that direction…
    Really feels like we are living in the future,especially when I remember movies from 20 years ago and now see these devices coming to us ;D

  • NooYawker

    I don’t care for smellovision.

    • Xron

      It will be 360 + smell + haptics soon enough, we all are waiting for this!
      Won’t be much to do for most people after robots will take their work places anyway, so we will be able to enjoy ourselfs atleast in Vr :D

      • Jorge Gustavo

        So I will just wait for the robots to develop something better than this shit. No way that in a AI controlled future I will gaming with human made devices and human made games. Stupid humans.

    • In fact that’s not only smell, but also haptic effects.

  • Bob

    Only extreme enthusiasts welcome!

  • domahman

    That’s nice but can we have eye tracking and 8k per eye with ultra wide fov with high bandwidth one directional wireless head unit?

    • Eric Draven


    • Blufor

      EXACTLY Priorities people!

    • Dan Lokemoen

      So would you expect the quad-CPU server with eight 2080’s to be portable, or connected wirelessly via elven magic?

      • domahman

        No, by the time they finish you’ll have perfected dlss, eye tracking, and other performance enhancements.

  • johngrimoldy

    Really super lame. Companies have ben trying this gimmick for decades and its never paid off.

    • Feelreal representative here.

      Well, we actually used the experience of previous attempts to add aromas to VR and made Feelreal Multisensory Mask without all their mistakes and flaws. So it’s progress!

  • Such an amazingly bad idea.

  • Suge

    Release date: 1st of April

    • Sky Castle

      Order date: Never

    • Feelreal representative here.

      In fact it would be released much earlier :)

  • Sky Castle

    Just what we need, some immature devs who won’t know anything about
    quality experience and use poop, sewer, or disgusting smell to get a
    cheap reaction of us.

  • Suge

    Can’t wait for porn on this!

    • Suge

      It even looks a bit like an ass strapped to his face. It’s going to be great!

    • guest

      Yup. Fart porn is gonna be big again.

    • JesuSaveSouls

      Repent and turn to Jesus bud.

      • jj

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        Think of it this way: if someone stood by with the means to stop a horrific assault and did nothing, we would blame him/her.

        • Caven

          Agreed. I have trouble believing in a “kind and loving God” that allows the pervasive violence and suffering that plagues much of Africa. Add in ongoing terrorism and oppressive regimes like North Korea, and it seems like any alleged God is more into torture than peace and goodwill.

          • jj

            not to mention if you dont have blind faith in him you’re doomed to the worst place you could imagine, forever…

        • NooYawker

          Just block him and stop giving him the attention he so desires.

        • Jorge Gustavo

          For gods sake, stop giving attention! This guy comes here and say something about Jesus, and, instead to simple ignoring, some people feel a urge to convert this guy to atheism in a vr site! Just ignore.

      • JesuSaveSouls gg

  • Michael Slesinski

    ..”what could possibly go wrong?”

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Reminds me of some of you cynical,sarcastic and hypocritical people that just want to cover all access from the truth of God in Jesus reaching your hearts.Cover your eyes,ears and mouth.

    • johngrimoldy

      WTF are you talking about?

      • Eric Draven

        “Jesus’s back VR”, a new title coming 2019, you will need special haptics to know how walking on water feels

    • jj

      welp looks like im gona be spending some time here….

      Remember those other posts where i call you out for shit posting about jesus on here? this is a perfect example of what im talking about.

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      Fuck off with your religious posts, all you’re doing is making christians look more insane and out of this world when you come into a vr discussion and try to convert it over to a discussion about your religion without consideration of others and their religion.

      Plus with how you chose to preach in the laziest and most un-impactful way probably has jesus hating you… So basically you think you found our savior and your form of spreading that is via vr forumn and making offensive offhand comments towards readers… and you think thats going to help your cause?

      Wake up you mind controlled sheep, i know that sounds like a conspiracy driven accusation, but in this precise situation its more than true about you.

      Fuck jesus

    • Steve

      If this were an article on Jesus or a Bible game I could understand posts like this but this seems way too random. Unfortunately, random strongly worded posts like this in a venue that is not bound to be positively responsive or appropriate to the topic will not do as much good as you may hope. My recommendation is to exercise prudence and careful consideration when trying to promote the love of Jesus lest more harm is done than good.

    • theonlyrealconan

      I believe I saw jesus once, in Skrym VR. He was kindof overpowered, but stood around and did not do anything.

    • jj

      plus its pretty comical that you say were the ones covering our eyes ears and mouths. were all here talking about whatever we want, while you’re the one always specifically injecting religion here.

      you should be banned from these forums because its a real shitty thing for you to do when you try to convert allllll of our conversations over to you’re religions topics. You never make food comments about vr so you are clearly here for your own religious reasons and not for vr discussions.

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  • Andrew Jakobs

    So a kickstarter for a product that’s already done?

    • The product is physical and real. We need a Kickstarter campaign to put it on the mass production.

  • Trenix

    I remember decades ago when ebaumsworld made an April fools joke about such a device. Now in 2018, it’s the reality. The human race is going backwards.

  • Skippy76

    This is just utterly stupid.
    Why waste time and money developing something so useless!
    First of all, you’re inhaling chemicals second.. It will do absolutely nothing for immersion if your nose and mouth are covered.. Imagine the heat and humidity from breathing in an enclosed setup like this.

    • Jistuce

      Eh, you’re inhaling chemicals even if you don’t wear the mask.

    • Feelreal Mask is not an enclosed setup. It’s actually a lightweight panel that’s mounted over the headset, so players can breathe easily. Also, it has two fans to cool down user’s face after intense game rounds.

  • johnny

    Lol is this a joke?

  • Eric Draven

    Does anyone remembers “leisure suit Larry”? this was the tech missing those days…

    • Candy Cab

      Lol Infocom “Leather Goddesses of Phobos” complete with scratch n sniff cards. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of early 80’s gaming.

      • Who’s that?

        Until feminism is removed from the industry, I don’t think we’ll get fun stuff like that again.

        • Dan Lokemoen

          Yes, feminism is the reason there are no sequels to Leather Goddesses of Phobos. Idiot.

          • Who’s this?

            Actually, in a way, yes. Not a direct sequel, someone still has to be willing to make *that* game but yes feminism is causing a lot of sexuality to be removed from gaming and entertainment.

          • Dan Lokemoen

            When? Where? I have certainly seen “christians” bitch about gaming content. Never feminists.

          • Who’s this?

            My responses to you are still waiting due to pending because they have links in them. They’ll show up soon.

    • NooYawker

      There was an actual scene where he gets an enema. So.. good or bad depending on how weird you are.

      • Eric Draven

        Sadly, I’m not weird enough…

  • gothicvillas

    I wouldnt play Toilet Simulator with this device

  • Steve

    I know this looks like a joke to many people but I believe that the total immersion that we hope the future of VR brings will include scents, breezes, mist, heat, etc. When I am walking in the forest I enjoy the scents along with the slight breeze I may feel on my face. The warmth of a camp fire when camping, for example. The mist from a waterfall. I can see a lot of possibility with this. My biggest thing is it’s hard to believe it will pick up this early in the VR stage. We still need a greater adoption rate and greater strides in the base VR experience before people start shelling out money for something like this. I don’t see it as a successful product or sustainable business model just yet but someday it will have its place.

    • domahman

      Fake the smell through a neural vr injector.

    • Mradr

      I would agree until you start looking at the numbers. These type of devices cost money, they use scents that also cost money over use, then you need devs to keep using said technology, not everyone is going to have said technology unless it comes with the device, 255 smells is very limited scope of what is out there, etc

      On paper this does seem like a good idea – but when you come down to it (witch is the reason why it keeps failing) there are too many downside to the idea atm. Unless they can get it working without using chemicals in the first place and can be made cheaply that the main headsets be default come with – it just never will catch on.

  • Lucidfeuer

    This is a good idea for a non-product. There’s no reason that VR doesn’t eventually include olfactive feedback, as well as temperature, TENS, micro-particles, winds, air haptic and so on…this is actually the point of virtually.

    Now obviously most VR headset are unergonomic and ridiculous enough to add this thing to the mix, but it’s still a step towards a fully immersive “virtuentertainment”.

    • Thanks, that’s what we’re aiming for! In fact the mask weights only 7 oz (20 grams) and there’s no big difference between playing in a headset with it or without it.

  • Reading all the humorous comments below do a good job of summing up why this is not a good idea, but from a engineering perspective. Headsets are already front heavy with only elastic bands holding many of them in place. Adding additional weight to the front will make these units even more difficult to hold in place when you are not moving, but really be a problem if you have a physically interactive experience.

    Let’s not forget that this is would require developers to actually add their SDK to their VR experience, and frankly unless they send me one for free unit, my budget is already strained by the number of add-ons and HMDs already on the market.

    Also, wouldn’t it be much easier/practical to just create a small unit you sit on a desk, coffee table or end table that is bluetooth controlled (Alexa/Google Voice?) to provide smells and vary the speed of a fan to push the aroma/odor towards you face and given the sensation of breezes? I can’t imagine these aromas/odors this close to your olfactory system not overwhelming them, but maybe there are those who really need to smell the rotting corpses in Arizona Sunshine at this close proximity.

    • The gadget you described is iSmell, and it didn’t come further than a prototype. Feelreal Mask is an individual device that won’t spread the aromas to the whole room, so it can be used in arcade places too. Also, the scented liquids are vapored in micro amounts, just enough to trigger the smell response in your brain, but not enough to be too annoying.

  • I remember the prototype of 2015… people trying it said that it was quite disturbing… with the mist in the mask it was hard to breathe

    • From 2015 the Mask have changed a lot. We have corrected all the flaws of the prototype, and now it’s working right, tested many times and ready for Kickstarter.

  • Has April Fools been moved? I was just joking about this to somebody the other day.

  • JesperL

    Ask yourself, what games you play, that you can expect to smell good?
    Then what games you play with bad smells?
    I expect most games have bad smells, like death, decay, gunsmoke etc. And i really dont want bad smells up my nose.
    And i would never trust this to not be unhealthy.

  • Jeon

    It will be sweet when one goes bad or someone puts some poison on one and someone gets gassed. Worry about haptics before you worry about smelling dead bodies

    • No one will be able to put any smell on that besides the manufacturer. And we, as you can understand, have no reason to gas our users

  • Ombra Alberto

    is studying and designing a device (without cartridges) that by electric stimulation can make all the smells of the world feel.

    It is not cumbersome and is not bothersome.

    It makes no sense to use this device with cartridges, done only to pluck the citizens.

    No sense even by virtue of the electrical device in advanced stages of study.

  • Blufor

    I get the feeling I’d be suffocating in one of these unnecessary things, it won’t be popular I can tell you.

    • It’s not suffocating at all. It’s just a lightweight panel that’s mounted on top of the headset. so you can breathe easily.

  • Jorge Gustavo

    There is more important things to solve in VR first. Most users simple doesn’t care about smell simulations. Maybe in the future, this thing will have niche appeal. But for now, the appeal of this shit is zero

  • uKER

    Breathing into a closed box = fail
    Not even touching that with a stick.

    • It is not a closed box, maybe these pictures don’t show. It’s in fact just a panel that’s mounted on the front of the headset, and you can easily breathe in it. Besides that, the Mask has two fans to make the player feel more comfortable in the headset.

  • Jorge Gustavo

    Can we put drugs on this thing? Something that will make me high?

  • Alina
  • brubble

    Amazing on paper, complete failure in adoption and application.

    • It’s already working, and it’s working quite well.

      • brubble

        The you’ve tried it extensively….

        • Can’t understand you, sorry :)

          • brubble

            Intelligence and wit isnt your strong suit. Take that as a solid “no”.

  • shaggytherodgers

    Ok this looks terrible. But i could see where there coming from. smelling gunpowder in h3vr or burning rubber in project cars would be pretty cool. just don’t buy it until it has a few reviews under its belt. It could be laughably terrible.

    • You can subscribe at to get the reviews when they come, and receive a huge discount for the Mask :)

  • Ian Shook

    My favorite part is how it looks like a pair of underwear.