A house fire is a sickening reality, but when it’s finally time to clean up and tally losses, that’s where fire investigators come in. Now, forensic investigation firm Donan and 3D scanning company Matterport are partnering to bring fire investigators the tools to make highly detailed photogrammetry scans so they can review the situation from afar through a VR headset, desktop client, or mobile app.

Donan is bringing every fire investigator across the country a Matterport camera, and every Donan fire client the ability to view the resultant interactive 3D models. Matterport’s photogrammetry system is automated, allowing for the creation of virtual 3D models, accurate measurements, high-resolution 4K 2D photography, and floor plans.

According to a press statement, the scans will be included in their official documentation process for all structural fire losses, including tools for soot and smoke claims. Insurance adjusters can also use the scans to assess damages, and more easily write estimates for quicker claim settlement.

Notably, in the event of suspected wrongdoing, the scans can even be used in court to put the jury at the scene of the fire with the help of a VR headset, enhancing the available evidence in an arson case.

Since its founding in 2010, Matterport’s tech has mostly found a home in the real estate industry, providing their Pro2 3D camera series to real estate agents around the world so they can more accurately capture and show off properties to potential clients. In 2016, the company embarked on a mission to make the “world’s largest library of VR places” in their online gallery of publicly available 3D scans.

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Check out an example scan on Donan’s website to see a fully interactive walk-through.

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