‘Firewall Zero Hour’ Sequel Announced for PSVR 2, Trailer Here


First Contact Entertainment, the studio behind Firewall Zero Hour (2018), announced it’s bringing the “next evolution” of its hit squad-based shooter to PSVR 2, calling it Firewall Ultra.

The studio says in a PS blogpost Firewall Ultra will be “the next evolution in the Firewall franchise,” saying the game will incorporate all of the new features the PSVR 2 has to offer, which includes PSVR 2’s built-in eye tracking to let you swap weapons and bring up HUD indicators.

The studio says it’s overhauled character models and maps, and included new areas and textures too. First Contact also promises new locations, contractors, and weapons, the latter of which will have “a much deeper level of customization.”

Firewall Ultra is said to take place five years after the original game, which includes many of the same contractors and locations but “evolved and moved into the next generation.”

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Firewall Ultra is including dedicated servers, ‘best of three’ rounds, and what the studio calls “an entirely new PvE experience.” We’re hoping that means some solid single-player action in case the concurrent player pool dips at some point in the future.

Of course, there’s no telling when the game will arrive, as PSVR 2 doesn’t have a release date yet. As one of the best performing shooters on the PSVR platform though, Firewall Ultra stands a good chance as being named a launch title since much of what we’ve heard so far includes upgraded content previously seen in the original title.

Check out our full breakdown of PSVR 2 vs. PSVR to see just what’s changing in Sony’s next-gen VR headset.

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  • Putler LGBT Army

    The end title says 4K HDR, yet the in game gameplay looks washed.
    And its another indie game.
    I was hyped up for PSVR2, maybe its going to save VR, but so far looks like VR is going to be the land of cheap games for full price and idiotic teenage rhythm games.

    I have qu est 2 and HP whataver its called, i haven’t used them more than once, nothing to play and the graphics is horrible, now i hope to sell them and have enough money for PSVR2 so i wont have to pay for it.

    Hardware-wise it looks like so far the best device and it actually has HDR which is amazing, but what will make or break it is the games.

    • ViRGiN

      say what you want about firewall, but even the PSVR1 version looks like AAA for VR standards and has easily more content and sense than anything PCVR. Their map design alone is something unparrarel. Onward and Pavlov together looks like absolute shit, despite making way more money than firewall ever did.

      • Putler LGBT Army

        These are all dumb multiplayer games, where is the AAA story based games?
        Im not looking to play online

        • ViRGiN

          you want more games like alyx, and i thought alyx was the most overhyped indie grade trash under the recognizable name of half life.
          you want better games, start buying games on oculus store. everyone has always been buying on steam and look what it lead to – NOTHING.

          • Putler LGBT Army

            Alyx is AAA game, thats not Indie, Indie is all the cheaply made online, rhythm, casual games on VR, that have a budget of bag of chips and a bottle of beer. Alyx cost millions to be made.

            Oculus store no longer releases new games on PC, the last game i got is that sequel to women with robot in space.

            Since that all their games come exclusive to Quest 2 mobile.

            So i decided to test some Native Quest 2 games and got these:
            Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge
            Vader Immortal trilogy [that comes both PC and Quest 2 in one package]

            Vader Immortal looks cool on PC, especially if you force AA, the Quest 2 native, OMG its like going back to PS2 era just covered in Vaseline, its unplayable.

            I believe sony will save us, i hope so.
            Even PS4 VR games were mostly OK but lacked in resolution, graphics AND controls, now its going to be different, PSVR2 looks like best VR headset ever, i mean it has RGB OLED with HDR, acceptable resolution, good controls and MAYBE its going to be PC compatible [single USB-C connection]

          • ViRGiN

            alyx is 200% indie by how it does nothing new. alyx cost millions to be made, and yet they couldn’t figure out running, jumping, climbing, even a fucking crowbar is missing. that game is a fucking joke.

            pcvr has been nothing but disappointment to anyone who isn’t blindly fanboying it – the numbers speaks for themselves. i am optimistic for PSVR2. PSVR2 replaces PCVR fully and then more. Quest 2 is still awesome, portable, wireless machine that cost pennies, even after the price hike. for what it costs, it totally delivers. PCVR, no matter the amount of money you put in it, simply is 100 lightyears behind flat gaming from 2010s… there is no PC quality in PCVR.

          • Putler LGBT Army

            You don’t understand what Indie means, a game doesn’t have to do something new to be AAA, most games dont.
            What indie means is Independent, but it also means Low Budget.
            AAA means High Budged, High production value.

            Its like Hollywood Blockbuster that cost 100millions vs small studio that spent 1milion on a movie.

            Quest is even worse than PCVR, its same device but with horrible graphics, there is no good VR right now, not on quest and not on PC, on PC you can push graphics if you have good GPU, you can crank AA, but there are no games to play.
            On Quest 2 its just sad, its like playing mobiles games from 2005 covered iwth Vaseline.

            I do wait for PSVR2, and i hope it runs on PC, at least non officially and in theory it should since its just USB-C cable and the device has isndie out tracking, PSVR2 with its HDR screen and Anti Aliasing on PC will look amazing, all we need is games.
            Maybe Sony will surprise us withj good games, maybe they will patch the old PSVR games to run in higher resolution thats a good idea make people buy PSVR2, it opens up a big library of games that already available.

            Also i want PS5Pro

          • ViRGiN

            > there is no good VR right now, not on quest and not on PC
            kinda. difference is quest is an awesome gadget for its price, even if you don’t use it that often. that makes it triple worth the price. there is tons of novelty gadgets out there, but nothing really came close to vr for 10 years. quest 2 is the embodiment of all the best that vr has to offer.
            i’ve been here since 2012 oculus dk1; i’ve seen the (little) progress. i knew it’s a long term goal. some people think they will jump to 200 FOV 4k HDR raytrace overnight; when even the developer support is truly lacking.

          • Putler LGBT Army

            Software will push hardware but no one wants to develop AAA games for VR.
            At least Sony tries.
            And lets not forget Oculus also sponsored games , but no more, they had lots of Double A projects before they turned mobile, and now as if they expect devs to come and make games bythemslevs without any help, im sure they help here and tehre but there are no more big games.
            Like whats the name of that game with Robot and that woman stuck in space, i have both games, never played them but seen reviews, thats a quality game [Ill have to play it one day]

            P.S. Also it was nice when Bethesda tried and then they quit, they released bunch of game for VR, even one make especially for VR but than quit
            Now Bethesda belongs to MS and MS doesnt care about VR,. whats the chance we will see VR edition of Starfield?

    • NL_VR

      PSVR2 will not be for you either if you Only have used your current headsets no more than once.
      You should think of what games you like and want to play.
      They sure are out there you must open your eyes.

      • Putler LGBT Army

        I want AAA games just in VR.
        What i dont want is sindie games games, online games, and for sure rhythm “games”
        Games like Alyx, something like Big RPG made for VR like Fallout or Skyrim but made for VR.
        An FPS for VR, like COD/titanfall single player
        Maybe a big Mech game

        Maybe something like Ratchet and Clank in VR, big platformers where you also can fly and have otehr tools in environment
        I played the first hour or so of Quest 2 Star Wars games and they ok, but the horrible graphics killed it for me, its like playing mobile game but covered in Vaseline

        I want good full priced games that utilize the hardware to the max, not idiotic simpleton rythm games like some people play for some reason, wearing a helmet to jump around and hit virtual figures, its the saddest thing someone can do.

        VR is not doing well for this very reason, too much trash, too many pointless rhythm games, too many virtual meeting places and otehr crap like this, devs think thats what VR is, and games like Alyx is one in a million

        • Tommy

          Did you know you can play all these in VR?:
          Alien Isolation
          Blade and Sorcery (The Outer Rim)
          Cyberpunk 2077
          Deep Rock Galactic
          Devil May Cry 5
          Doom 3 BFG
          Dying Light
          Elden Ring
          Elder Scrolls Morrowind
          Elder Scrolls Skyrim (Skyblivion)
          Fallout 4
          Final Fantasy 7
          Gary’s Mod
          Ghostwire Tokyo
          Grand Theft Auto V
          Half Life (1&2)
          Half Life: Alyx
          Horizon Zero Dawn
          Left 4 Dead 2
          The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
          Life is Strange: Before the Storm
          Mafia (1&2)
          Monster Hunter Rise
          No One Lives Forever 2
          Outer Wilds
          Pray for the Gods (SotC mod)
          Red Dead Redemption 2
          Resident Evil (,2,3,7,8)
          Risk of Rain 2
          The Stanley Parable
          Star Wars Dark Forces
          Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
          Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
          Star Wars Squadrons
          Star Wars TIE Fighter
          Star Wars X-Wing Alliance

    • kool

      Lol, you don’t know how many people have been waiting on this announcement! I can’t wait, I hope they make it more like siege with wall penetration destructibility and 5v5.

      • ViRGiN

        Well, you could say the same thing about Onward 2. But that would not change anything about Onward 1 being absolute crap, way before Quest version was even a thing.

        Firewall was unfortunatetly ruined by flawed networking approach. Peer to peer lobbies primarily i think?

        • kool

          Yeah, people would rage quit to save records for a scoreboard that was broken. It wasn’t ruined, its still well supported. Notably they also killedt ttrdedicated servers were the first thing they announced

      • Putler LGBT Army

        Its another pointless online game that has no soul.
        Where is the Single player? Where is the story?

        • kool

          Where’s your imagination? But seriously not your kind of game i get it, but whats the point of playing wit yourself…

          • Putler LGBT Army

            Thats what video games are about, to enjoy a story and to see new things, game progress.
            MP is not only dumb, pointless, but cheap, it doesn’t cost much nor needs great minds to create arenas where people “game each other otehr and imagine”
            Single player needs Talent and Money, you cant Uncharted or TLOUS or Fallout 3/NV/Skyrim etc in MP
            MP is for teenagers and people that cant afford to buy single player games.

          • kool

            Dude, just say you like single player games. You don’t get to decide what a game is based on your own personal taste. By your logic chess was made by dummies and competition is pointless. MP games run a wide range of modes including Co Op, mmos as well as tdm which I think your gripe is with. Im not sure what your trying to say about the games you named but they all have multiplayer versions and multiplayer games cost they same as single player games weird flex…

          • Putler LGBT Army

            Chess was made back in time when playing with 2 sticks was all the rage. Also chess is smart, chasing one after another, anyone with freezing point IQ can do.

            Its not a flex, im allergic to MP, every single SP game that got MP add-on, got worse, not better but much worse.
            Every game has a set budget, when they decide to cut part of it and add idiotic MP, it makes the SP worse and that’s the main reason why i hate MP.

            Basically MP is bad for video game industry, its a disease, a plague, something that shouldn’t exist, it has negative effect on gamers and video games, it brought us: Loot Boxes, P2W, F2P, season passes, DLC packs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars [how much all Diablo Immortal DLC costs? 200K?]

          • kool

            Actually oblivion brought us most of that and the expanding budget of single player games could only be justified by the recoup methods you just named. Mp is the reason gaming grew past basement dwellers into the mainstream which allows you to want bigger games with better graphics. You just suck at MP its ok to stay in your lane just respect the road.

    • Corellianrogue

      They may not have uploaded the video in HDR. Also, are you watching it on a screen that has HDR? If not then you’re obviously not watching it in HDR regardless of whether the video is in HDR or not.

      • Putler LGBT Army

        HDR is not what makes it washed out, its the lack of 4K.
        I do have HDR, using OLED as my monitor

    • Tommy

      If you are not happy with a Reverb G2 and a nice gaming rig, I seriously doubt the PSVR2 will be much better for you. Sounds like you need to wait a few more generations to jump back in with your current expectations.

      • Putler LGBT Army

        PSVR2 looks like the Version 1 i waited for, its the begining of VR, it has all the new technologies like fovated rendering, eye tracking, even haptics in the HMD
        Basically it looks like my ultimate VR device with 1 but…. resolution, if someone makes PSVR2 with 3K x 3K or 4K x 4K per eye ill be pissing myself
        You dont need to use resolution to enjoy it, if you have weak system, you can use lower resolution but the thing is because of higher pixel density [and becuase VR has limited space so every device has more or less simialr sized screens]
        Screens with higher resolution will look much better even when running low resolution content, being that far up close, on 4K x 4K per screen you wont see the pixels anymore [and its not like we dont have the technology, someone announced VR micro OLED 4K x 4K screens 2-3 years ago]

        But it is what it is and PSVR2 looks like the best device so far, so ill have to settle for it, one day someone will make it run on PC and than with some AA it will be awesome.
        Maybe Sony will do it themselvs, to widen the market and to push more hardware

        • Tommy

          Well cool, man! I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will!

  • ApocalypseShadow

    Sony slowly showing exclusives as they ramp up to even bigger ones.

    RE8, RE 4 Remake Experience, No Man’s Sky, Horizon, Firewall Ultra, etc. And we know games like GT 7 are coming, indie games like Lo-Fi. It’s got to be a given that Valve would have HL Alyx coming to have more players play it.

    And the fact that GTA 5 just happens to be absent for PS5 as if they are waiting to announce the VR version alongside it.

    PS VR 2 is going to be no joke. With the HDR, eye tracking, haptics, 3D sound, etc, no amount of mobile chips is going to keep up with it. Accept the wire or just miss out. Or beg for ports.

    • kool

      I’ve gotten my hopes up before too!

      • ApocalypseShadow

        Only thing that was holding back PSVR was lack of analog sticks and being able to turn around. Those are gone. PS VR 2 will not have a problem with what games can be made, what ports can come over from PC or mobile and in-house exclusives.

        With Sony’s features, many games will come to the platform. But I’d rather see high end VR games than ports from mobile. And cross platform with mobile would just hold back what PS5 can throw at VR without compromise. Only thing that could hold back PS VR 2 is a world recession. But it would affect everyone else as well if that happen.

        • kool

          I have a backlog of VR games i refused to play without thumsticks, I think ill spend my first year going back and playing all those PC ports with updated controls. I totally agree im more interested in high games than quest ports, at least now we will get more high end games being made. The psvr2 couldn’t keep up with PC and PC didn’t have the numbers to do it alone. I hope VR Dev’s have been holding back on announcements and putting the works to make their VR games AAA since they now have had the time to develop VR as a platform. Just imagine if they announced 15 aaa games for psvr2, most of them would have to be multiplatform to justify the budget. I can’t wait to see them launch line up.

          • ApocalypseShadow

            Yup. PC and console will enjoy a 3rd party and indie boom. Quest users can still enjoy if they are using a PC. But the other two are about to get a smorgasbord of games.

            The talk about PC and console VR being dead in favor of mobile will be over. Mobile will still leap forward. Especially if Apple joins in. But the best looking, best AI, best physics, lighting, etc will be where the power is.

          • kool

            Lol the talk is just two dudes. The lul in support is due the next gen build up. I hope we get some big names brought to VR fortnite would really cement vrs place in gaming. Im hoping we get gta cod battlefield or any big IP announced at launch so next gen starts out with momentum. I also think cambria will be the first headset with a streaming pass. Now they meta has its own accounts for quest, why not stream the occulus library for $15 a month. I think eye tracking is the key to low latency VR streaming. Its the only reason I can think for them to push out the headset this year.

    • Alter

      Do you think Beat Saber will be coming to PSVR2, considering it’s own by Meta now?

      • NL_VR

        i think so. they wanna sell and beat saber it self is not a system seller anymore i think at least :)

      • ApocalypseShadow

        It might. Facebook likes money. But what can they really improve on with that game? Besides DLC, there’s nothing. You hit a red block. You hit a blue one. Unless it’s upgraded to take advantage of the 3D audio, Haptics and Sense Controllers, it would be a hard pass in favor of fresh, new and improved games.

        And being that over the years I’ve seen music games come and go from rock band, guitar hero, dance central, sing star, DDR, etc. Beat saber is just a game in a long line of fads that wear out their welcome.

  • Very cool to see the mentions to eye tracking and foveated rendering!