Here’s the first footage of Minecraft being played with both an Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch controllers, courtesy of this year’s MINECON event.

This year’s MINECON has already brought news that Minecraft will receive Oculus Touch motion controller support and as part of an on stage panel, featuring among others Oculus CTO John Carmack, there was a video which offered a brief glimpse (the first that we’re aware of) showing what playing Minecraft in VR and with Oculus’ forthcoming Touch controllers is like.

The video is just a few seconds long but demonstrates sword wielding and an interesting one-handed bow and arrow shooting technique which we’re somewhat intrigued by. Interestingly, room-scale is referred to as something the team is working on but that they’re taking care to tackl “one thing at a time”.

Of course, this may be familiar to some out there as an unofficial mod called Vivecraft also appeared more recently for the HTC Vive, along with room-scale and motion controller (including the Touch) support too.

Oculus Rift support is already present in the official Windows 10 Edition beta of Minecraft, and Touch support will land on October 18th, adding to speculation that we may be seeing both an official price and launch date for the motion controllers quite soon.

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  • David Herrington

    I’m actually genuinely curious whether this will be a lot better than Vivecraft, and how it will do this. Otherwise it will appear quite a long wait for something we basically already had with Vivecraft… Someone care to enlighten me? ;)

  • I have to imagine that once they get the Touch down, VIVE, and even PSVR versions, will be out within a few months at most. I’d love to see some official support for the VIVE.

    I was able to get that VIVE mod for “Minecrift” working for a few minutes, then something went wrong and it’s never worked since. Rather disappointing.