FlyInside FSX, the crowdfunded VR plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (2006), has today released the first taste of the project’s $30,000 stretch goal—coming to us in the form of a free alpha preview for Prepar3D.

FlyInside P3DPrepar3D, an academic and professional-level flight sim developed by Lockheed Martin, will soon be getting the same treatment as Microsoft FSX by the Kickstarter campaign’s VR plugin.

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Prepar3D is based on the same source code as FSX, but highly modified for in-world realism with additions of high-detail cities, accurate topography, and more than 24,900 airports.

Project lead Daniel Church says that “FlyInside is getting Prepar3D support no matter what,” but providing the project reaches its $30,000 funding goal, Church will be able to dedicate much more time to development.

Flyinside FSX Kickstarter

The alpha preview of FlyInside for Prepar3D can be downloaded here along with the Microsoft FSX alpha preview. Because the project is a 3rd party VR plugin for proprietary software, an original copy of Prepar3D will be needed to play.

FlyInside Prepar3D Funding Tiers

  • For $45 you’ll receive a digital copy of FlyInside P3D upon release.
  • For $60 you’ll receive a digital copy of both FlyInside FSX and FlyInside P3D upon release.
  • For $75 you’ll receive early access to FlyInside P3D as a beta tester.  You’ll also receive a digital copy upon release.
  • For $100, you’ll have early beta access to both FlyInside P3D and FlyInside FSX, and you’ll receive a digital copy of each upon release.

All tiers $100 and up include early access to both programs and digital copies.

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